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Lockdownstate VX Non-Lockdownstate at the peak of the recent corona wave.


Population "Cases" Jan.09.2021 Relation of cases to population


39.5 Mio 47271 (0,)12


21.5 Mio 15445 (0,0)7



'The Governor Wanted To Sleep With Me': Cuomo Accused Of Sexually Harassing Second Former Aide
She felt '...horribly uncomfortable and scared..."  


What Biden about his brother in mind ?




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28.02.21 (translated)

Expert warns China will exploit Paris climate agreement to weaken U.S.  [..] After the Biden administration rejoined the Paris climate agreement on Feb. 19, reversing the policy of his predecessor, experts warned that China will benefit and exploit the move to weaken the United States. [..]

Weakening the US - top priority of globalist agenda.



House Democrats’ Attempt to Pressure TV Carriers Could Trigger Lawsuit: Dershowitz
Do it !




‘Gender Identity Doesn’t Erase Physiological Advantages’: Student Athlete


Biden Says U.S. Will 'Never' Accept 'Aggressive' Russia's Crimea Annexation
Of course not. Finally was he one of the leading figures or better greatest profiteers because the leading figures are behind himself in the maidan plot and the following Ukraine corruption story. Did the same Biden ever take a similar stand against Chinas Hong Kong annexation, Uighur genocide or any other Chinas human rights issue, except that everything that the CCP is doing are normal everyday "cultural differences". WHO was it to erase every single straw of real Chinese culture ?




The China-United States exchange foundation

going to eat you.

Open ears !





Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits Challenging Election Results in Wisconsin, Arizona


668 px
Meanwhile the other half of this country is busy by playing around with LGBTQ and an understanding of 'equality' that flips the universe upside down (update * 03.03.21).

That means classical anti-racists aren't radical enough anymore for the imbalanced among us and which have taken over America and not only.

Ben Carson: "We will determine what happens to our children and our grandchildren. Will they have a country where they can grow up and be free and where they can live up to their potential ? Or will they have somebody to control every aspect of their live, including what they can say and what they can not say. This is poison in our system."


YouTube Suspends Rudy Giuliani Over ‘Election Integrity Policy,’ Nicotine Use
Charles F. comments:  "Goggle, who are the communist faces behind the name ? Rudy is suspended over nicotine policy. There are tons of videos with people smoking weed. I guess their policy is , let’s get HIGH and pretend Biden won the election".


FBI Director Wray Says Capitol Breach Was "Domestic Terrorism", Refuses To Disclose Sicknick's Cause Of Death  (*)

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s Mother: ‘He Wasn’t Hit on the Head’ on Jan. 6

FBI Counterterrorism Official: No Firearms Recovered During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Judicial Watch Sues US Capitol Police for Emails, Videos Related to Jan. 6 Riot  [..] The organization said in a statement that it filed the lawsuit under the common law right to access public records, after the Capitol Police “refused to provide any records” in response to a Jan. 21 request. [..]

Stage on: "Flashlight!"


"Has anyone seen an iphone on the ground ?"

(In regard to the glass, it falls out as if there was no inner frame.

This is security glass as mostly used for shop windows.

If they would fall out just like that who would ever use them.)


Even FBI has to get back to its old classical understanding

of friend and enemy under a legal constitutional order and hyrarchy.



Domestic Extremists Pose Serious Threat to Military: Pentagon Report
To whom is the Pentagon under its new secretary of defense loyal if they feel threatened by Americans and people from their own ranks ?



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682 px

Who is responsible for these deaths ?

Is this the way to save lives ?


Why you don't rely on HIM in order to begin with yourself ?

Maybe HE can open your blinded eyes ?


San Diego Border Patrol Headed Toward New Record High in Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender Arrests
Are you fine with your irreversible destruction work ?




Judge Orders New Election After 78 Percent of Mail-In Ballots Found Invalid, Notary Arrested
Here we can see the outcome when the judges decide to look into such allegations. Apart of the fact that this was an election between two democrats, now guess what those people are ready to do in order to keep Republicans out. The same and much more happened on national level on November 4th, but the judges refuse to look into it.

08.03.21 Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Trump’s Last Remaining Election Challenge




[..] Washington DC, the occupied capital of Washington DC, I think it's day 44 now that the military have been called, not as an occupying force in a foreign country, not as an occupying force on bahalf of the United States and its tax payers and its citizens, but as an occupying force on behalf of the Democratic Party of America. (in a military stand up against the Americans) That's what's happening. [..]



The most inspiring and most fiery President ever.

The best men of the left in the whole land... 




Follow Heaven's advice so that you can face what is coming.



Iranian Militia Group Claims to Have Active Cells in Washington DC
That fits. But Washington is now busy with Russia.



Biden Signs Election Executive Order to Increase Voting by Criminals


Which ones are the bigger criminals ?

SSkier comments
So a rapist of children can vote! Biden…you are a disgusting human being. You have stepped way over the line. Time to impeach this moron.
Jeff Not Emma comments
Democrats: You know what would really help us win more elections? Let criminals vote. They would vote for us. We’re just like them!
robert comments
This has got to be either the dumbest president We’ve ever had or his is being paid a lot of freaking money to totally destroy America and sell it off to the Chinese in 4 years. Good people who work for a living are leaving the US to live for other countries because of the horse shit this dumb ass is doing.
We have all the material sitting on the ground at to finish a border wall and dumb ass says he’ll let it sit there and rot. Your all for America aren’t you Joe? Your nothing but a cheap bought out communist. You don’t give a damn about the American way of life.

And the totally corrupted Antiamerican mainstream media still protecting him. Are you out for an explanation ?  



Finally: Biden's first 'press conference'




Biden Admin Silences DHS Over Border Crisis As Viral Video Shows Flood Of Migrants Streaming Into Arizona
[..] The Biden administration has told the Department of Homeland Security not to speak freely about the growing border crisis, according to Breitbart, which spoke with a "senior-level law enforcement source" within DHS who spoke on condition of anonymity. [..]
I continue to repeat myself: The destroyers at work.

Will the American people in its majority be determined to let this happen ?




[..] China controls 51% of the world’s chemical lithium, 62% of chemical cobalt, and 100% of spherical graphite, the 3 components required to create lithium batteries. Yes, you got it right, you cannot make a lithium battery without China [..]
The plan for the electrification of all traffic and more is a political plan promoted by the globalists and corrupt elites & politicians in order to make America and the rest of the world fully dependent on China. 



[..]  According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC’s) analysis, between March 1 and December 31 last year, statewide mask mandates were in effect in 2,313 of the 3,142 counties in the United States. And, looking at the county-by-county data, the CDC concludes that mask mandates were associated with an average 1.32% decrease in the growth rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths during the first 100 days after the mask policy was implemented.

Wait, what? Only 1.32%?

You read that correctly, they didn’t misplace the decimal: according to the federal government agency that is responsible for managing the COVID-1984 pandemic, the difference between mask mandates and no mask mandate is literally just a 1.32% difference. [..]

09.03.21 North Dakota House passes bill forbidding mandatory mask wearing

The global mask swindle is exposed
How embarrassing for Facebook & Co socials who were top participants in this hoax by censoring lockdown- and mask-critical experts and doctors their channels.
Zuckerberg, Dorsey & Co are well suited for their business, but not as dictators nor as moralists.




12|25     186|961   144|6                                                       




Illegal Border Crossings Hit More Than 101,500 in February
As we all know, if this remains out of control, it can fast become a million per months.  (update)





HERE is the supremacy.

Jay Stephen comments with:
“Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame” (1 Corinthians 15:34)




[..]  Intellectuals (and politicians) in the MMT camp are in the midst of a full-bore media push: Books, interviews, and other promotional activities stream forth, all designed to gain a foothold in the public mindset for the latest inflationist doctrine. The hope is that the public mind absorbs and accepted the idea that greatly increasing the money supply doesn’t matter as long as the state can siphon off money through taxation if price inflation materializes. History suggests that with repetition and a prominent place in the academy, that goal is readily achievable. From bus drivers to accountants to physicians, Americans seem to have accepted that consumption is the sole driver of economic growth and that the unconventional measures introduced by the Federal Reserve and by Congress are wholly benign. [..]



This is what you get with the democrats their idiotic anti-Russia mindset coming from the cabals pro communist China agenda.




This has the typical smell of an organized plot once again coming from behind the scenes. The cabal is a black kraken which tentacles are everywhere and one of their favoured tools for manipulation are event companies (which among other also design and create stages for all kind of events) on one hand plus a bunch of organized internet trolls on the other hand. You combine the one with the other and that's it. It's so easy, isn't it? You know, the black kraken has a lot of time, and money, and a great lot of followers Mr.Vantaggiatos.

13.03.21 (translated) [..] what emanates from the American elites is no longer compatible with American exceptionalism, but increasingly with neo-Marxist dogmas. Their goal is to bring down the U.S. and the West and replace the vacuum created with Beijing, says guest author David Flint. Why is the U.S., of all places, a world center of neo-Marxist thought?  There is now an endless series of neo-Marxist dogmas emanating from the U.S. Their cumulative effect is to undermine religion, the family, private property, the rule of law, honest and fair elections, and above all American exceptionalism, including the Constitution. [..]


83      123     96




As is the whole system.           in the swamp


Opinion: The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics? Frontline Health Care Workers

[..] According to a January analysis by Gallup, 51 percent of health care workers and first responders polled in December were unconvinced of the merits of getting vaccinated, even if the vaccine “was free, available, FDA approved and 90% effective.” [..]
"Vaccine" or experimental mRNA gene therapy ?




StanScott Atlas, Stanford University Professor : [..] The coronavirus pandemic [..] has also exposed profound issues in America that now threaten the very principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted.

First, I have been shocked at the enormous power of the government, to unilaterally decree, to simply close businesses and schools by edict, restrict personal movement, mandate behavior, and eliminate our most basic freedoms, without any end and little accountability.

Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.

This crisis has also exposed what we all have known existed, but we have tolerated for years: the overt bias of the media, the lack of diverse viewpoints on campuses, the absence of neutrality in big tech controlling social media, and now more visibly than ever, the intrusion of politics into science. Ultimately, the freedom to seek and state the truth is at risk here in the United States. [..]


White House Blames Trump Amid 'Worst Border Crisis In Modern American History'
[..]“We are trying to work through what was a dismantled and unprepared system because of the role of the last administration..."  [..]

Is self-dismantling Biden & Co truly the best this Nation can offer in these times ? How the hell.

Cuomo Reportedly Told Former Aide He Would Like To "Mount" Her Like A Dog
There is a too large part of the society that is in it too.
So, no wonder how lost * this Nation has gone.





Can you hear the noise ?




Biden’s Plan to House Illegal Immigrants in Hotels to Cost Taxpayers $72,000 per Border-Crosser: Report



7|22 x 65|2 px





New Universal Basic Income Program In Oakland Excludes Low-Income White Families  [..] Proponents of this racist UBI program would probably argue that since it’s privately funded, the organization behind it can set whatever guidelines it wants. Imagine if a privately funded UBI program was limited to white families. Wouldn’t that be racist? Of course, it would! Also, the city of Oakland is still managing the program. [..]

So, after one and half century, open real racism is back in this Nation, thanks to the left.



The American military, which is even not allowed to protect its own Nation borders, has now a Chief of Diversity & Inclusion for its leadership, a certain Mr. Richard Torres-Estada, and this and more heavy ideological garbage is to be found on that 'woke pastors' facebook site.

64|61  27  962



Gov. DeSantis to Take Executive Emergency Action Against Vaccine Passports

San Diego Teachers To Instruct Immigrants In-Person As Schools Remain Online-Only


Illegal Border Crossings Jump to 150,000 in March  *



1.The same court that brought this mafia to power is now under pressure by them. This is the abc of a systemic mafia and its reigning spirit of corruption.

2. The leftists their radical political agenda itself (you can call it Biden mafia or anything) is certainly the highest absolutism, much higher than anything else. That is nothing new.




YT   65    99    2|3




Multiple New York Times Staff Previously Worked For CCP-Controlled Media: Report
















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