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Tubed on 12.06.12 at 13:08 [screen shot] Translated quotation

Following the two [2] earthquakes in northern Afghanistan, according to official figures the number of deaths could increase to more than

2 80

In the Baghlan province by a landslide triggered by the quake had have buried at least


houses, the police chief Asadullah Shersad ~

A[sadu]llah= Allah sadist


said on Tuesday. In and around these buildings around the time of the accident had been present up to


people. Probably almost all were killed. According to the USGS, (the U.S. earthquake monitoring) the region was shaken on Monday by two earthquakes of magnitude


and 5.7. [5+7=]


First, the Afghan authorities had spoken of two [2] dead. The landslide had occurred in the mountainous district burqa,

2 burqa

Rescue teams had arrived in the affected area and searched for the victim.







published 12.06.12







I never actively check such data. Why I should do so, until I am able to post only a fraction of what is being sent down day by day. Today however, the h.spirit brought to my attention this view here above: It is the list over the incoming email of the recent 5 days on my yahoo box. Here the times

21:07 mirror


20:15 mirror




15:25 nexus  (composted of the digits of)








15:03 inv.


15:04 inv.


Noted on  12.06.12  at  22:18



New email arrived next morning:




Yet the next on this same day 10:38, [noted at 21:19]


published 12.06.12

updated 13.06.12








● Over the recent weeks I was thinking over a wake up nvitation for the Turkish people, and indeed, the angels heard it. Originally this started on Friday 8.06.12


when Ivana, David and I left with our BMW car for Hradcanske to visit a convent on the day of the open churches. Underway, right behind the corner  to Vezenska - while we passed by in front of the Hotel Intercontinental- I noted a white Mercedes bus parked there with the big writing "Istambul" in the sidelines, yet on its reg. plate along of some letters (which I do not remember) the number


Unfortunately I did not manage to take a picture, and because of the rush hour traffic I refused David's proposal to extra turn back for a shot. Instead I asked the angels if they could make another arrangement for the Istambul i/eTurkish people.





then, visiting I opened an article about a white Mercedes bus involved in an accident in Bolzano and started to watch the attached video at


clock. As I found out later on, the article was originally dated with 11.06.12, 21:01 ~


The bus in the video was so identical to the white Mercedes-bus with Istambul writing which we crossed here in Prague few days earlier on 8.06., that for a moment I thought it was the same, especially when the reg.plate number along to some letters on a first impact seemed to be again a 21, which then however turned out to be a


27 is not the same than 21, though talking about a reflection, resemblance, optical symbolism, could it be more similar than this, and not only optically ?

21 ~ 27

Here the resp. article from 11.06.12  [screen shot] Translated quotation:

A22: Coach with children collides with truck

On Monday evening, a traffic accident on the Brenner

= brennt[Ge] = burns[En] highway.

got off lightly. A coach from Schleswig-Holstein underway at


clock on the north lane of the A22 ~


between Bozen-Bolzano

South and North

wanted to overtake a truck. When the driver of the truck also changed track [toward left lane], it came to a clash. Although there was damage to the bus,  neither of the 48 [4+8]=


children in the bus nor the driver were injured.



published 13.06.12                    

Update tubed on  14.06.12 at 14:40          


9:57 [5+7=12]=> 912  [screen shot 14:40] Translated quotation:

Earth trembles: quake of magnitude




Turkey. An earthquake measuring 5.5 shook southeastern Turkey on Thursday. According to the Istanbul Kandilli Observatory the earthquake epicenter was located at the borders with Iraq and Syria near the town of Silopi ~mirror=ipolis ~ Tripolis ~ three poles ~


(Sirnak province). First, there were no reports on possible casualties or damage. Large parts of Turkey are at risk from earthquakes. The worst quake in recent years came in


in the


of the country about 20,000 ~

2 0000

people died.




912  | 856~811 | 912

Seen at 21:11 of  08.08.12 on PI


By Father, Son & Holy Spirit,

they don't know what they do.

[Ogmios, Spirit of Truth]




JAN.13  29.01.12  PI

A folks is governed by the spirit of manipulation.

Condemned to life long prison

for having her own opinion.



311 199 645 915







Orig.crop 556 px ~ 55 56

One red, the other white

STOL  20.05.13

1 dead

in Balloon crash in Turkey. The crash of a hot air balloon operated for tourists in Turkey, a man was killed on Monday. Another 18 people were injured,

18 injured

reported the Turkish news agency Anadolu Ajansi. The balloon accident happened in the region of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, near the village of Urgup where the balloon crashed with another balloon in an altitude of about



published 21.05.13






15.06.12 ~ 111|12


333 Kc = 15,2 Euro

VAT: 55,51 ~ 1|555  

more about ►    











Tubed on 16.06.12  at 13:33 ~ 1|333  [recommend: 31] [screen shot 1, 2] Translated text

Record over the Niagara Falls: The


-year-old wire acrobat Nik

acrobat/artist + Nik~Nike=sportive (life attitude)


wall~ well | enda~ends

crossed the mighty waterfalls at dizzying heights in just


minutes on a wire. He is the first man who ventured over the


Falls, the most dangerous point of the natural spectacle of the border between the U.S. and Canada. The last high-wire act at Niagara Falls goes back more than


years and was done at a much shallower place. Wallenda, a member of the family of acrobats "Flying Wallendas",

wall~well ends = fly


~victory over the well  provides wings

 put the


-meter course on the roaring back in just


minutes. He had planned


minutes. "An incredible view. What a blessing. It is simply breathtaking," he said to his father on the way over mobile phone. Thens of thousands of viewers on both sides of the situation clapped and cheered as Wallenda knelt down close to the end on the rope, holding one arm triumphantly in the air and threw kisses into the air. The tourist organizations were set to at least


spectators on both sides of the


The historical tightrope was also broadcast on television. Wind from all sides. The worst thing was the wind, the acrobat known for his arrival on the Canadian side. "It came from all sides, hit me frontally and then again from behind." He was exhausted, felt faint, his hands were numb, Wallenda told in the last minutes of his adventure on mobile. Meteorologists had warned him against fierce gusts and whirlwinds. Upon his arrival on the Canadian side Wallenda took its passport from his pocket when he was asked by the border guard to show the papers." And what is the reason for your arrival?" "I want to


people all over the world," replied the acrobat. "Follow your dreams

[In balance instead of pure egoist self-realization (*)]

and never give up!" From the adventure dreamed Wallenda claims to be for decades. His family has worked for


generations and as a circus high-wire acrobats. Nik Wallenda said to have been balanced even as an infant on the rope. For the crossing of the Niagara Falls, he received an exemption. The Niagara Falls are by far not the largest waterfalls in the world, but they belong to the most famous. They lie on the


between Canada and the United States. The most spectacular part of them is situated on the


side. They belong in both countries to the most popular tourist destinations.

(*)Annotation Ogmios




Last updated

[tubed on 16.06.12 at 19:22]








FROM 2.5. UNTIL 16.06


at 5:25 pm




2.68 MB (2,811,127) = nexus 28 | 8111 | 2111 | 712 | 27

2.68 MB (2,813,952) [2 replacable by 1] = 9521‏‎


First auction-warning on 16.12.11


published 16.06.12








Woodborough Hill

"The wood of borrow (forest of debt)"



tubed on 16.06.12


Hl.Spirit (~ white balls) coming down to earth. || angel wings || Eye of God from North to South with 8 rays || Kompass-Signs for Left(6) and Right(9) (Sinister-DeXter). What the eye sees: The pupil (earth) on the left (sinister) way !

When I saw this Eye-of-God crop circle it reminded me on the sky scene  in Margreid/Bolzano [on 9.05.12], so exactly one month before the crop circle its date [09.06.12]




05 .12

Scroll over for the scene   |  click on for original shot

The red line symbolizes a wing [of the 144/000], the hard working inspired legion which is as you can see trying to avoid the pupils total break out on the eye its left side viewed from the sun, so toward 6 direction, while the legion is trying to keep it back toward the rainbow (=authentic multitude) in a tempt to avoid the worst. On the original picture at the red dot you will find a bird/falcon.

Orig. Image 5977

2.10 MB (2,212,024) ~124

2.11 MB (2,215,936)

‏‎Time:12:18:20 [= 2:18 / 12]

Orig. Image 5978

2.01 MB (2,1 17,7 36)

2.02 MB (2,1 21,7 28)

Time: 12:18:29 [= 2:18 / 912]

On the remaining two shots [IMG_5979 / IMG_5980 (with four falcons)] can be seen the huge smoke cloud coming out from this thought-friction/battle.

[Wo gehobelt wird..] ["where is planed there fall filings"]



On this same day:

Anchor&arrow bow  in one. [with falcon]

1.91 MB (2,011,136) = nexus 2111 / 1136

Time: 10:35:26 ~ 1:8:8

1.93 MB (2,031,616)

Time 10:35:36 ~ 1:8:9

1.95 MB (2,05 2,096)

Time: 10:35:39 ~ 1:8:12




Apropos Arrow

Tubed on 20.06.12 [screen shot] translation:

Memorial Hospital in Miami: Student survives harpoon shot in the head. A


-year-old student from the United States has survived a harpoon shot in the head. The teenager has been hit in his head two weeks ago during

spear  fishing

by a friend his harpoon. He barely escaped blindness: The pointed


arrow hit him five centimeters above of his right eye and came out at the scalp site. Doctors at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami (Florida) were able to remove the harpoon in early June by a risky


-hour operation. [..].


cm of the spear had protruded from the patient's head. For the necessary radiography  the spear has been reduced  with a bolt cutter to



This message:




 added on 21.06.12




Yet on this same day:

 Choose the XUN-way

 Orig. pic, no 5|968

Orig. pic.size: 1,88 mb  

 Time 11:32:57 ~ 11:5:12  




The hour glass runs ►



published 17.06.12








17.06.12  [tubed at 21:08 screen shot ]

Heute ist Herz-Jesu-Sonntag


Am heutigen Herz-Jesu-Sonntag werden in ganz Tirol viele Gipfel der Berge im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes „brennen“.
Der alljährlich durchgeführte Brauch des Entzündens von Feuer auf den Gipfeln der Berge geht auf Sonnwendfeuer zurück, welche auf den Herz-Jesu-Schwur der Tiroler im Jahre 1796


anspielen. Das Land Tirol geriet im Jahr 1796 nahezu unvorbereitet in den Krieg; alle wehrtüchtigen Männer des Landes wurden auf diese neue Situation innerhalb weniger Monate vorbereitet, um für den Ernstfall gerüstet zu sein.

Der damalige Pfarrer von Wildermieming, Anton Paufle, ergriff die Initiative das Land Tirol dem „Heiligsten

Herzen Jesu

anzuvertrauen. Die Tiroler gelobten, diesen Schwur Jahr für Jahr zu wiederholen.


wendfeiern weit verbreitet.

Die Feuer an den Gipfeln der Berge dienten ursprünglich vorwiegend der Kommunikation über weite Strecken; darauf aufbauend entstand in vielen Ländern der Brauch an den


wendtagen im Juni Feuer zu entzünden und somit symbolisch diesen Tag zu feiern. Die Tiroler Bevölkerung übernahm dies und entzündete von nun an am dritten Sonntag nach Pfingsten verschiedene Herzen und Schriften an den Gipfeln ihrer Berge, um das Gelöbnis auf das

Herz Jesu

alljährlich aufzufrischen und den

Herz Jesu

Herz-Jesu-Sonntag zu feiern. Zu Berühmtheit über die Grenzen hinaus gelangte der Herz-Jesu-Sonntag im Jahre


 als BAS-Aktivisten in Südtirol


Strommasten in der Feuernacht in die Luft jagten.


Earlier on this same day, when Ivana David and I were on our way back from the Greek restaurant, we stopped by at the A3 (~83) Sport Store, on the Wenceslas square 38, for a couple of gym items. The bill came with:



Bill no. 20269969 110 [ 2 - 6 ]=

22 69969 11

[~2211]  [ 2 - 6 ]

Autorization code: 764777 [4+6=1(0)]=>


  71 777

Time: 17:53 [7+1=8 / 5+3=8] =



    Tubed & added 24.06.12 ►

RED Champions

 South Tyrol | Europeada Champion '12

more red Champions 2012













Today in the news

"At the Greek"

Ivana had the idea to go to the Greek today for lunch. A couple of months ago we were there for first time and loved it very much. So, David and I agreed. Ivana ordered a taxi  at the AAA [~888] taxi call center . Below the taxi who picked us up:



128 ~ 812


[During work I noted this cropped picture its diameter: 1512px] Name of Taxi driver: TOMAS BRADAC mirrored CADABR SAMOTne (cz) = ONLY/LOTS CADAVERS (en)


Note in the background on the door the 912 / 6. Then I realized the reg.plate of the car in the background:




[Size (2,801,167][time 15:06]


while on the Audi car which was parked in front of the taxi,the reg.plate




Pic 8512 [Size 2,79 mb] [time 15:06]


yet, when we started I saw on the next one car which was parked dright behind the 1638-Audi,  ► [captured out from the taxi window while passing by], with the capital code




[Size 2.50 mb (2,621,440)] [time 15:06]


Underway [ ~ 5minutes by taxi] on the light, this one in front of us




[Size 2.50 mb (2,629,632)]  [time 15:08]


and then the




[Size 1,93 mb  [time 15:10]


in front of the




bilboard. Arrived there, the taxi bill [ shot 1 shot 2 and a more clear shot made later on the restaurant table ] came out with 110 Crowns ~




emitted by taxi no 128 .........


~ 812


stopped in front of civic ......


11 [117]


Shot 1: [size 2.15 mb] [time 15:13]

Shot 2: [2.08 mb (2,18 4,7 25)] [time 15:13]


More details on the 11-bill:

→ arrival time: 15:21 ~ 512, or 3:21pm

→ taxameter: -00681

→ pamet.modul 009233

→ price without VAT: 0091,7 (replace 9with2) =>217 ~ 712

→ VAT 018,3

On the next shot ► in the background the civic no of the building in which the Greek restaurant [the entry door is at 2-3 meters more leftside] is located. Civic no:



Finally inside the 1888-bottle on the bar table which I noted and documented already on our first visit, but had no time then to post it due the too many other tubed work underway.


Size 2,1 mb | time ‏‎15:14:57










Next I noted the wall clock showing 3:15 pm while the exact digital time on the original shot is documenting the hour


Shots from inside:


Wall painting Akropolis |

269 MB

Wall painting Greek artists or deities

2,16 MB

The water bottle 


Img 8530 size data:

2.20 MB (2,309,608)  or: 222 | 3968

2.20 MB (2,310,144)   or 222 | 31 144

Time: 15:28:16 = 152~512 | 816



A 22 A


[82 28]

Label numbers:

5 201005  010963 =

5215 [=mirrored nexus 512] | 1963

8000 2222

800  11  555 802



Img 8532 size data:

2.60 MB (2,7 27, 507) 5+7= 12

2.60 MB (2,7 27 ,936)

69 66 88 12 =

69 | 6688 | 12 or  698  | 812

[like it or not, there is no number left on this bottle, even the arrival time 15:15 is there are many more nexus codes on the bottle, not yet seen. Work for the trained 007 's]


Davids shirt

2.55 MB

The two cars when we left  [toward home by feet]


Img 8545 at  ‏‎17:01:15 [~nex. 17 | 115 | 715]

1AX 836


Img 8546 at  ‏‎17:02:18 [~ nex.712 | 812]

98 5 963

2.81 MB (2,949,120)

The yellow12  & the yellowRescue car 


[time span: 9 sec.]


Img 8556  at  ‏‎17:33:23


[DY=12 | JWD=8  = 812]


  Img 8557  at  ‏‎17:33:32



[both shots size data contain the h.spirits clear finger prints]

"Grand Hotel EUROPE" [near Hotel Meran]



Img 8571  at  ‏‎‏‎17:55:02

2.66 MB


999  X  33


Img 8572  at  ‏‎17:55:17

9A2~912 | 396


Note the symbolism and connection:  

Meran is a tyrolean health and spa-resort. Apropos Meran, as we can see from the news of the next day (19.06.12), "Grand Hotel Europe" needs to be cured and saved  from the ...►




 ...► Spirit of raptus


19.06.12 STOLit  [screen shot] translated quotation



Lady stabbed - dead. "charge is murder". On late Monday night in Meran Obermais Erna Pirpamer has been critically injured with a knife and died shortly afterwards in hospital. A


-year-old Tunisian should have stabbed the 65 -year-old [6+5=]


women with a kitchen knife. The woman has been brought to the Meran hostpital, where she died despite emergency surgery. [..] Chief Prosecutor Guido Rispoli said Tuesday at a press conference in Bolzano, the charge is murder. The suspect, who has lived several years in South Tyrol is said to have testified at a first hearing, to have been in love with the 65-year-old. As the suspect continued - the two have lived in a relationship. [..] Enrico Lofoco, the suspect's lawyer, "My mandate had a


According to Enrico Lofoco, the relationship began two years ago.The 32-year-old, who lived for several years in South and worked as gardener for a company in South Tyrol is said to have visited on Monday night against

22 clock the 65-year-old

22 | 11


near her home in the angular path of Merano / Untermais. Between the North Africans and the Meran lady should have come to a heated argument, after which he attacked her with the knife."The woman wanted to end the relationship. My client had a raptus. [..] According to the prosecutor Rispoli the suspect stabbed twice on the woman's body, including in the neck area. [..] Supposedly, the woman had lent money to the 32-year-olds. [..] At the hearing the Tunisian gave as reasons for the act on the one hand financial motives, but also relationship problems. [..]

More  Spirit of raptus  on this same day:

19.06.12 STOLit [screen shot]

"Honor"-killing: [..] father beheads 22 year old daughter with sword, then he leaves the house with the daughters head in the bloody hand and the sword in the other hand, to show it to his neighbors. The father does not show any sorry. [..]

Islamic sword         Saudi Arabia flag

Even more Spirit of raptus  I read today:

18.06.12 [screen shot]


-year old Iraki hits and bites Police man in Bolzano. [..]

and yet another raptus one. 

19.06.12  on PI:

France: Abdallah Boumezaar (Arab) kills two female police officers. [..] officer leaves behind her three children... [..]

feel free for  more and  more ►...

Go here for the mass raptus


by Johann Sporckgraff:


2001-May2012:  260.000 victims  (31%dead)

[the annihilation of a mid size city, still going on]

[this includes no war,only islamic terrorist attacks]


Facts & analytics over mass raptus





Note: While we were there at the Greek, there was a TV-team interviewing the restaurant chief + on the near table there was the major of Prague1 with family and friends for a lunch + Ivana after 20 years for first time met her former Greek neighbor from her childhood&youth, a wonderful Greek lady. So there were many things underway on one hand to show that Greece stands in the spotlight, + the link toward politics, yet toward Prague (major) and toward us, via Ivana and her former neighbor.

completed on 18.06.12




Next on the way back home came the 96-bill, for the next angels arrangement → underway on this day.



06.09.12 [translation]

Unemployment in Greece continues to rise dramatically. Unemployment in Greece has risen to a record high in June. Unemployment peaked at 24.4


percent - from 23.5


percent in May, as the Greek Statistical Office (ELSTAT) announced on Wednesday. In Greece, according to the data are


million people without jobs - 358,000 more than in June 2011. Dramatic is the situation, especially for people up to age 24. The unemployment rate was


per cent (June 2011: 44.4) amount.


Unemployed in Greece for one year only support. The two biggest labor unions in the private and government sector (GSEE and ADEDY) again warned of social unrest.






 H   Greek minister of finance on the knees for German money and lies and cheatings like these. There were better times than this, when each could keep his humble pride. Is this the new "European dream" ?






Griechenland: Kapitalflucht


2|19  2|16 69

818  333


getting serious





Giving up this for this !?



underway on bike, then

before the crossroad


8.57 MB (8,992,439 bajtù)

8.57 MB (8,994,816 bajtù)



8.43 MB (8,840,757 bajtù)

8.43 MB (8,843,264 bajtù)



9.58 MB (10,047,474  bajtù)

9.58 MB (10,047,4 88 bajtù)


4.36 MB (4,578, 174 bajtù)

4.36 MB (4,579, 328 bajtù)



4.82 MB (5,062,854 bajtù)

4.83 MB (5,066,752 bajtù)


two cars coming into the scene


OK 014 SC ~

OK 1.486 |BMW|

4.76 MB (4,995,584 bajtù)

4.76 MB (4,997,120 bajtù)



|Audi| 4 V 42

4.88 MB (5,124,897 bajtù)

4.89 MB (5,128,192 bajtù)


then 30-40m

after the crossroad


8.29 MB (8,699,  651 bajtù)

8.29 MB (8,6 99,9 04 bajtù)



8.56 MB (8,986,455 bajtù)

8.57 MB (8,986, 624 bajtù)



10.0 MB (10,583,012 bajtù)

10.0 MB (10,584,064 bajtù)




3.89 MB (4,082,774 bajtù)

3.89 MB (4,083,712 bajtù)



3.91 MB (4,102,834 bajtù)

3.91 MB (4,104,192 bajtù)



3.84 MB (4,035,564 bajtù)

3.85 MB (4,038,656 bajtù)



3.84 MB (4,034,009 bajtù)

3.84 MB (4,034,560 bajtù)



4.90 MB (5,147,702 bajtù)

4.91 MB (5,148,672 bajtù)



4.21 MB (4,425,284 bajtù)

4.22 MB (4,427,776 bajtù)


20150606_ 10|333|7

4.37 MB (4,588,773 bajtù)

4.37 MB (4,591,616 bajtù)




completed 07.06.15      




'Inexplicably' the near cash machine today says:

'No availability'


clip seen later this evening  [ ]





01.07.15 Quote *

"Wir sollten uns mal keine Illusionen machen, um was es bei Griechenland-Rettung oder Portugal-Paket oder was auch immer wirklich geht. Der Begriff ist vollkommen falsch. Es ging niemals um die Rettung Griechenlands, es ging um die Rettung bestimmter europäischer Banken. ... Diese Banken operieren ja nicht nur mit Einlagen, wenn sie das tun würden, hätten wir ja ein geringeres Problem. [..]"

[Ex EU-Kommissar Günter Verheugen]

 H  Gerettet wurden zwar gewisse Banken, aber wenn es nur um die ginge würden sie die auch fallen lassen. Gerettet wurden und werden in erster linie die eigenen elitären nimmersatten machtgeilen Marionettenärsche.


Interessant: In der Merkel-EU ist man strikt dagegen die griechischen Oligarchen zur Kasse zu beten. Nur die Unterschicht soll bluten.





916 33

468  7|2|1


tubed vis Ivana on 04.07. at

6:26  1|444



Zitat 07.07.15 [..] Was zu tun wäre: Worin besteht dieses grundlegende Übel und wie wäre es zu bekämpfen? Die griechische Krise ist nicht – wie es die Mainstream-Medien Tag für Tag behaupten - auf eine korrupte Verwaltung, ein unzureichendes Steuersystem oder mangelnde Arbeitsbereitschaft fauler Griechen zurückzuführen, sondern das Ergebnis rücksichtsloser Spekulation ultrareicher Investoren. Sie sind es, die in der Krise von 2008 gigantische Schuldenberge angehäuft haben, die ihnen aber kurz darauf durch korrupte Politiker abgenommen und in Staatsschulden umgewandelt wurden. Auf diese Weise wurden die griechischen Steuerzahler, also die arbeitende Bevölkerung, dazu verdonnert, für die Sünden der Reichen aufzukommen.

 H  Zwar das eine mehr, das andere weniger, doch sowohl als auch. [Das eine schliesst das andere nicht aus.]
Es ist die ungehemmte neoliberale Deregulierung des Finanzsektors der vergangenen Jahrzehnte, die zur inzwischen unumschränkten Macht von Milliardären, Oligarchen, Superreichen und ihren Hedgefonds geführt hat. So lange diese Deregulierung weiter besteht, gibt es absolut nichts, was die Macht des großen Geldes begrenzen könnte. Die Reaktion auf die Politik des Bündnisses Syriza hat gezeigt, dass die Finanzoligarchie nicht bereit ist, auch nur die kleinsten Zugeständnisse zu machen, d.h. Reformen zu akzeptieren. Ihre Macht kann nur noch dadurch beendet werden, dass ihr die Existenzgrundlage entzogen wird. D.h.: Die Deregulierung des Finanzsektors muss aufgehoben, Derivate müssen verboten, die Banken müssen verstaatlicht und auf ihr Kerngeschäft reduziert werden. Ohne solche grundlegenden Maßnahmen ist jede Politik gegen die internationale Finanzoligarchie chancenlos.
 H  Mit gedecktem Geld wird dem ganzen sozialistischen Luftgeld-Treiben technisch der Riegel vorgeschoben. Punkt.

 H  Most people still seem to not realize: We are NOT talking about a specific Greek problem as the caspars want to make you believe while they play their evil games! Nor we are talking about a specific Cyprian or Ukrainian problem. It's a GLOBAL problem!. We are talking about the collective responsibility in addressing the defect non-covered monetary systems and their never ending leverages, which represent the most important logistical cause/root of the problem. So..

draw conclusions.

Folks will be good advised to stand up for a urgent



09.07.15 APROPOS



64669 6 24  12





listen carefully (!)

to the (in the meantime stepped back)

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Finally a man who knows the name of the

game, speaks out some [but not all] clear words.

Mr. Varoufakis goes only as far as he can go now

without being laughed at.

[Example: Even the by Varoufakis proposed European   bank union -or any similar actions with the effect of medium term debt dilution- can and will not represent the solution to the problem, but only serve to buy time, by then even greater instability with respective increasing financial strangulation of the tax payer.]



   Now, if we finally have learned this lesson,

the next step would be to stand up in order to

save what yet can be saved.

wouldn't it.




The great fake rescue show








Greece in trap














Tubed on 20.06.12 at 21:18  [screen shot 1, 2] English translation:

Controversy over Stone: Caracas

Caracas inverted Sacrarac =


wants a rock back from Berlin Zoo. For years, a


rock in Berlin's Tiergarten causes troubles between Venezuela and Germany. Now the parliament in Caracas has launched an application to the controversial stone -which was brought to Berlin for an art project in


- to get it back to his homeland. Because for the Pemón Indians in Venezuela this is a sacred stone. The MP Gladys Requena claimed on Tuesday the stone had been illegally stolen from the Canaima National Park in the Southeast. The artist Wolfgang von Schwarzenfeld

Schwarzenfeld = Schwarz(Ge) = Black(En)

Schwarzen feld & Red stone =

Black Red

denies this version. He had the


-ton behemoth that resembles a whale, shipped across the Atlantic and located in the Tiergarten for its "Global Stone Project". Members of the Pemón tribe say that the stone had been removed against their will. The absence of the divine rock -which shall influece the weather- is reason for serious flooding in the late


have been. The stone is so sacred to them that they could even not touch it. Schwarzenfeld calls his work a "peace project". His goal was to fine on every continent two special stones and elaborate them. One stone of the a stone couple remained in its country of origin, the second one in Berlin's Tiergarten. As it says on Schwarzenfeld's Web site, the


stone pairs [=5x2 =]


symbolize the love (America), awakening (Europe), Hope (Africa), forgiveness (Asia) and Peace (Australia). They are aligned so that on


June by light through their reflection arises a connection between the sister stones

completed on 21 .06.12








11.03.13 MMnews


08.12.09 = NEXUS:


Orig.crop.diam 450 px






DWN: "Goldman Sachs snaps 45 tons of gold from the Venezuelan central bank"


 H  Dear Venezuelan folk, you're completely sold out by your God- and homeless sinister socialist elites who give your gold patrimony away for some worthless printed paper emitted by the federal reserve [=No.1 central bank of the global fake money mafia!] .


more about the fake money mafia i/e Gold manipulators



22.02.13 homment

They speak like Marx
Rule like Stalin
And live like Rockefellers
While the people suffer



Greek Olympic desert





Courageous Venezuelan people

rise their voice against dictarorship



2019:  more Venezuela 


[..] Guaidó zeigt jedoch keine Angst: „Ich bin ein Überlebender, kein Opfer“, sagt der verheiratete Vater einer Tochter über eine Unwetterkatastrophe in seinem Heimatstaat Vargas im Dezember 1999 mit tausenden Toten. Auch Guaidó, seine Mutter und seine Geschwister waren betroffen. „Ich weiß, was es heißt, hungrig zu sein“, versichert Guaidó auch mit Blick auf die verheerende Wirtschaftslage in seinem Land. [..]


[..] However, Guaidó is not afraid: "I am a survivor, not a victim," says the married father of a daughter about a bad weather disaster in his home state of 


in December 


with thousands dead. Guaidó, his mother and his siblings were also affected. "I know what it means to be hungry," assures Guaidó, also in view of the devastating economic situation in his country. [..] 


Will the Venezuelan military realize ?





Maduro - a putsch-president warns before putsch 




[..] Maria Gabriella, the oldest daughter of former leader Hugo Chavez, is Venezuela's richest woman, according to the Daily Mail. She reportedly is worth some $4 billion, thanks to a fortune that has been secreted away in European bank, [..]  while her younger sister..  [..] 


























Until yourself be not ready to take a clear


and to stand for it, without hesitation


can you ever [convince or save anyone or]

expect from the betrayed one their turn around ?

[Ogmios 17.02.12]

[*talking about a personal decision for the truth in freedom & intelligence not for any system doctrine]








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