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27.06.13 PI


"Man kann das in Österreich nicht sagen"

"You can't say that in Austria"





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" It seems that Islam has become a legally protected

religion on which only Muslims can comment"

[Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff]

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 H  Ist das wirklich alles normal?



13.06.14  [18:06]

Suizid der Freiheit






der Maulkorbwächter


The systemically relevant, politically correct,  leftist media moloch Bertelsmann censures for/on Facebook German internet contents.

Quoting German constitution:

"Eine Zensur findet nicht statt" ~

"Censorship does not take place"

On the day prior, on my way to the RECYCLING CENTER, right in front of its entrance two cars (one behind the other) cutting my way, licensed:

333   016

A bit later, while opening the email box:

[opened/noticed at 16:16]

no comment



FaceCensorbooks Wall of Shame

FaceCensorbook political tool of Merkel, Maas&Kahane-Stasi troops



Quote: "It's the legitimate interest of our constitutional state to know

who -and with what background- comes to our country"

  law-and-order statement =


Jew hatred | anti-semitism =

↓no Hatespeech

even after protests  

 not censored

6ensorship is always an ideological tool.

Are you people crazy ?


Ihr SEID verrückt !


A certain control (9ensorship) is important in order to avoid crossing the red lines, however, the control shall be in the hands of those in the right spirit, not in the hands of the sinister manipulators, leading you from one trap to the next trap by systematically creating fake red lines while, luring * * you with false promises, yet hiding the true red lines. Turning therefore the universe upside down. In their hands the lie is sold as the truth while the truth become a crime!




Der 6euchler, sein W6rt

und die Bequemlichkeit als dessen

fruchtbarer Boden

Jedes Wort aus dem Munde eines politischen 6euchlers u. 6anipulators

bedeutet am Ende des Tages das Gegenteil von dem was es aus dem

Munde eines geradlinigen, wahrheitsliebenden Menschen bedeutet.

(So sehen die Menschenrecht nicht etwa die Zerstörung u. Zersetzung der

Nationen vor, sondern deren Schutz vor Invasion * u. Völkerwanderung.)

Doch der unkritische weil denkfaule Mensch schluckt das eine

als das Selbe wie das andere. Er fürchtet sowohl die eigene

Denkanstrengung wie auch die Wahrheit die nicht immer

einfach ist, wie der Teufel das Weihwasser

und bereitet damit den Boden für die

Zerstörung der eigenen Heimat und




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 H  Ich sage euch Menschen, der Menschenfeind bildet sein Reich über die dunklen Werkzeuge der Intrigen und Angst.


Ich bin nicht einverstanden mit dem, was Sie sagen, aber ich würde bis zum Äußersten dafür kämpfen dass sie es sagen dürfen.




Free thought = free word = free speech.


EVERY speech is free speech

except the one (speech) that threatens the free speech via muzzle laws or violence.


The free word can hurt, but will never hurt that much than the fascists their suppression, muzzle laws and violence.


If you don't like hate speech, criticize it. Start here! (this way)


and this way

yet this way



Twitter smashing free speech

But who gets to decide what is "hateful"

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"In order to be able to think 

you have to risk being offensive."
(Jordan B. Peterson)

20 seconds - all said




Dark Gravedigger of the Free Word,

and with that of the Free World.

The Court Of Justice Of The European Union Limits Free Speech

[..] This would set a dangerous precedent where the courts of one country can control what internet users in another country can see. This could be open to abuse, particularly by regimes with weak human right records" [..]

[..] The ruling "essentially allows one country or region to decide what internet users around the world can say and what information they can access," said Victoria de Posson, senior manager in Europe at the Computer & Communications Industry Association, an industry group that includes Google and Facebook as members. [..] The judgment does indeed appear to be opening up a Pandora's Box for the ever-shrinking space for free speech in Europe and potentially worldwide, although it is still unclear at this point, how the judgment might affect free speech worldwide. [..]

[..]The judgment from the Court of Justice of the European Union, in other words, appears to give EU member states unprecedented power to determine public discourse online -- to determine what citizens can and cannot read. [..]


Europe is no longer the free world. This rule gives to the most unfree (regions and Nations) the legislative power over the most free one in terms of free speech. (if at all, then the exact opposite should happen!) So, it is clear where the journey is going. It is clear that the above mentioned ruling slowly but surely has implications on every European citizen. With the slow but ongoing dissolution of the Nations the national judicatures will more and more go with the non-democratic-legitimated supranational rules instead of their own democratic legitimated laws and constitutions. It's mathematical.

Citizens should know what they are giving away. But none of the big media reports. ALL quiet! They ALL are involved in this war of the establishment against the people.


So, let me be very clear with this one thing:

A jurisdiction without the anchor is no jurisdiction. It's a mafia. Impostors.

 updated 13.11.19



UN joining the fight against free speech



A Trento una panchina bianca per la libertà di informazione *

















Geert Wilder, Elitsabeth Sabbadich-Wolf, Danny Naliah...etc..








Defending the right to say that Islam is primarily a totalitarian ideology

aiming for world domination









The globalists war against free speech

US State Department Funding Secret 'Disinformation' Crusade To Blacklist Conservative Media

[..] Meanwhile in September 2021, the GEC hosted the US-Paris Tech Challenge - an event which sought to "advance the development of promising and innovative technologies against disinformation and propaganda" in Europe and the UK. The event was a "collaboration with U.S. Embassy Paris, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)" and several other organizations.

Civil rights experts are appalled.
"Any outfit like that engaged in censorship shouldn't have any contact with the government because they're tainted by association with a group that is doing something fundamentally against American values,(*)" said Jeffrey Clark, former acting head of the DOJ's Civil Rights Division in a statement to the Examiner. "The government or any private entity shouldn't be involved with this entity that's engaged in conduct that is either legally questionable or at least morally questionable."
In addition to Park Advisers and Disinfo Cloud, partners for the Paris challenge included the Atlantic Council, a major think tank, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and others, according to the State Department. [..]

(*) It's the government itself that is pushing this agenda against the people (!)

So, 'Who The Hell Do You Think You Are!'  *

[..] The positions of these people, the views of them — their self-regarding, self-satisfied, smug certainty that their rightness is the only rightness that could ever be — do not remind me of the testimony or views of actual Americans. They remind me rather of the affect of functionaries in a Stalinist show trial, or of the nameless bureaucrats in Kafka’s The Trial. [..]
These nothing people in front of me, these hacks, these people of zero cognitive distinction, these essentially trivial-minded humans, used their unearned, thuglike, intellectually meaningless power — the intellectually two-dimensional power of a social media platform — to announce to the world that I was crazy, unhinged; to present what appears to have been a file, to the BBC, to NPR, to The New York Times - to my own former colleagues — seeking to re-present me, a lifelong writer of heavily annotated bestselling nonfiction, as not credible.

There he is: Mr Roth, wrongly claiming that, “paradoxically,” more speech equals more danger and not more safety for society. [..]

DANGER: Tulsi Gabbard WARNS Of Grave Constitutional Threat

Find out where fascism begins, [and it's still underway !]

When democracy becomes fascist




20.05.23  about "Disinformation"  "Misinformation"




The WESTMINSTER DECLARATION: artists, scholars and journalists demand governments dismantle the Censorship Industrial Complex
The Westminster Declaration, born out of a June 2023 meeting in London of free-speech advocates, calls for governments to dismantle the Censorship Industrial Complex and that both governments and Big Tech uphold Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19, United Nations, 10 December 1948. [..]



Prominente für die Meinungsfreiheit – gegen den „industriellen Zensurkomplex“

Freiheitsfreunde aus der internationalen Wissenschafts-, Kultur- und Medienszene haben gerade die Westminster Declaration veröffentlicht. Darin rufen sie zur Verteidigung der Meinungsfreiheit und zum Kampf gegen willkürliche Zensur auf.
Zensur und Löschungen von Kanälen in den sozialen Medien, Denunziationsportale gegen vermeintliche „Hassrede“, Auftrittsverbote für Künstler, die das Lied des Zeitgeistes nicht mitsingen wollen: Auch in Deutschland ist es um die Meinungsfreiheit längst nicht mehr so gut bestellt, wie ein bloßer Blick auf Artikel 5 des Grundgesetzes es noch vermuten ließe. [..]


WESTMINSTER DECLARATION: manifesto per la libertà di espressione/ “Contro la censura Ue del digital act”
Pubblicazione: 18.10.2023 - Valentina Simonetti
Annunciata e firmata da studiosi, giornalisti, letterati e intellettuali internazionali, la Westminster Declaration, un manifesto a difesa del diritto alla libertà di espressione  [..]


Elon Musk, the one who opened up Twitter, now named X, the nearly only place left in the net where free speech is still not only possible but even defended, this man as the only one big media CEO has not been invited to the recent WEF meeting. Almost all other media CEOs are more or less active opinion censors.

Nota bene. Censorship is fascism.















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