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Fake gods means consequences *

Down with the shackles!


The tolerant one are in power.

What is tolerance today?

It is the fig leaf of the system profiteers ! 

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Strasbourg - Straßburg

Straß - Burg


[..] The class analysis of the current crisis is now coming into focus: a reversal of polarity from the 1968 general strike of elite students and labor unions. Fifty years ago, the students of the elite Paris universities garnered the support of the labor unions and this combined force nearly toppled the government with a general strike.Now, students of the elite Paris universities are complicit supporters of the technocrat elite, as the most fervent hope of most of these students is to nail down a position in the technocrat elite threatened by the yellow vest dissenters. [..]

From the students with idealisms to the students of corruption and fig-leaf elitarism.


Paris: 'red scarved' protest against the violence of the 'yellow vests'







It looks like the communists now let their pants down.


Macron in bloody war with its own people.


Nothing will incite more anger than this.


Now while things are getting bloody, some sleeping goodist may finally realize what is meant with "war against the folks", and the many years long "too late"-warnings.



[..] „Gelbwesten“-Anführer in Grenoble festgenommen
Kurz vor neuen Protesten der "Gelbwesten" hat die französische Polizei den Anführer der Bewegung in Grenoble in Gewahrsam genommen. Julien Terrier und sein Mitstreiter Jérôme Bouzendorffer werden in einer Polizeiwache in der südostfranzösischen Stadt festgehalten. [..]


Who has no voice is a dead man.

So, where is now the difference between Maduro and Macron

That something like a Macron in a supposedly civilized
country can call itself President goes past below my power of imagination. And I mean it.



[..] Die EU-Abgeordnete hat sich mit vielen Geschäftsleuten in der kleinen Stadt unterhalten. Ein Hotelier habe ihr erzählt, seit der Ankunft der Afrikaner sei sein Umsatz um bis zu 50 Prozent eingebrochen. Frauen könnten nachts nicht mehr auf die Straße. Die Zahl der sexuellen Übergriffe, Raubüberfälle, Diebstähle und Einbrüche sei in die Höhe geschossen und die Polizei würde nichts dagegen unternehmen.
In der Nacht fährt Janice Atkinson mit ihrem Team durch die Straßen und hält Ausschau nach Migranten, die versuchen, unbemerkt auf die Lastwagen zu kommen, die mit den Fähren aufs britische Festland übersetzen. Die Stadt ist bis auf die in ihre Hoodies gekleideten Afrikaner menschenleer. Die jungen Männer versuchen sofort, dass Auto von Dees Kamerateam zu stoppen und es zu beschädigen. Die Polizei hätte nichts dagegen unternommen, erzählt Atkinson. Frankreich kassiere rund hundert Millionen Pfund von Großbritannien und für Sicherheitsmaßnahmen, die offensichtlich aber nicht für diesen Zweck eingesetzt würden, so Atkinson. In Wahrheit habe die französische Polizei keine Kontrolle über die Situation. Die Bewohner beklagen, dass die Polizei ihre Anweisungen direkt aus Paris bekomme. Macron unterstütze von dort aus weiter das Desaster der offenen-Grenz-Politik. „Wie zur Hölle sieht die Zukunft Europas aus und wie die unserer Kinder?“, fragt sich die 56-Jährige am Ende ihrer Ortsbesichtigung. [..]


Macron universe:

Mass migration, islamization, alienation, deprivation of rights, more surveillance and police state yet supranational anti-democratic centralization.

[..]  He is now calling for the creation of a "European Authority for the Protection of Democracy" by transforming the European "Intelligence Academy" already created by Macron in Paris, which will radically fiercely oppose all opposition groups - to ensure the concrete implementation of the objectives of the great transformation into political reality. [..] 


06.03.19 KURMARK


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If there is violence, do not confuse the anarchists 

(eventually wearing yellow vests) with the real yellow vests.

The first mentioned one are not the same but the enemies 

of the latter one.



24.03.19 [..]  During the "yellow west" protests in France on Saturday a

-year-old demonstrator has been seriously injured. She says,

 "I remember a police officer attacking me and then

I do not remember anything." [..]


 Globalism's Last Disgrace: The Army Vs The Yellow Vests 



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(Translated): [..] Whole neighborhoods in the hands of fundamentalists who molest women. And the public transport company hires the Islamists to save their buses from stone-throwing.

[..] Her skirt is too short and the bus driver forbids the girl to get on. [..] Paris 2019.



Paris Pantheon: Hundreds migrants occupy the national hall of fame in France.

UN calls on Europeans to start rescue operations in the Mediterranean - repatriations to Libya should be stopped.



Killing Free Speech In France, Germany, And On The Internet 
If Facebook's agreement with France is replicated by other European countries, whatever is left of free speech in Europe, especially on the internet, is likely to dry up fast...

So, French government going to ever greater lengths when it comes to its war against its own folk.


French Police 'Swoop Down' On Dozens Of Radicalized Mosques In Anti-Terror Raids
"Massive & unprecedented" investigation of 76 mosques "flagged" for possible extremist doctrine & activity...

Urgent action indeed!  Hopefully not too late.


Z  H   8   1889  72 

Who the hell elected this president ?



Oval faces

This is what they mean

Hands off my lollypop


(translation) [..] About two weeks after a warning letter from ex-generals in France, more members of the armed forces have warned of a disintegration of the state. The new appeal was published anonymously in the conservative magazine "Valeurs Actuelles."
The "survival" of France is at stake, the new letter said. It speaks of high crime in banlieues "abandoned" by the state and Islamists who have only "contempt or even hatred" for France. While soldiers in Afghanistan, Mali, the Central African Republic and elsewhere "come under enemy fire" and lose comrades, Macron has made "concessions" to Islamism on French soil, it said. 
"Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our vision of the hierarchy," the letter reads. "On the contrary, the army is the place where we speak the truth because we stake our lives." The authors of the appeal call for a return of "confidence in the military institution." "Once again, a civil war is brewing in France, and you know it very well," the letter says. [..]



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Fascist government actions.





After video emerged of Parisians having to show their vaccine passport papers to police in order to sit outside a cafe, President Macron asserted that the system protected people’s “freedom.” [..] Despite the fact that the French haven’t experienced such an intense ‘papers please’ society since the Nazi occupation, President Macron insisted that vaccine passports were about protecting people’s “freedom”. “It’s about citizenship. Freedom only exists if the freedom of everyone is protected,” Macron said, adding, “it’s worth nothing if by exercising our freedom we contaminate our brother, neighbor, friend, parents, or someone we have come across at an event, Then freedom becomes irresponsibility.”

"You will own nothing (even no constitutional citizen rights)

and you will be happy".

What is health ?

  1, Would you define a fascist society under the guise of health

as a healthy society ?

2. How efficient is a fascists (like Macrons) medicine ?

Fascists medicine

If you want to be citizen of a Nation

you have to defend your constitution. That doesn't mean

that you can't be a global citizen at the same time too.

But if you want to be a global citizen only, without

any Nation and without the belonging constitutional

rights, you chose the lie and slavery.




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In Brussels they need to save their corrupt asses.  |  



19.10.22 (traduit)
Le Tunisien Dhabia F., 24 ans, n'a pas eu de remords.
Lola avait été retrouvée égorgée le 15 octobre dans un container du 19e arrondissement et Europe 1 expliquait que la jeune fille avait également été "violée et torturée".  [..] L'auteur du crime était une femme sans domicile fixe qui a été filmée par des caméras de sécurité alors qu'elle entrait avec la jeune fille de 12 ans dans la maison où celle-ci aurait été assassinée. La femme a déclaré : "Cela ne me fait ni chaud ni froid. [..]


Est-ce là le niveau de 'civilisation' ?













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