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Would you give your blessings to the hatch out of another OFFICIAL terrorist state, with the official source code of the mankind's enemy ? Why would you do so ? And if you do so against all reason and logics of a sane minded individual and against a healthy common sense, ...





... would you at least definitely stop feeding this insane hatred 'baby' up ? Would you finally stop to collaborate with the functionaries of the lie, with those unscrupulous individuals who sell their own people for stupid, abusing of them just the way like every other unscrupulous ideologist did so in mankind's bloody past ? Would you finally stop reward them for their own insane [self]destructive, irresponsible, dangerous attitude, both, those corrupt one who abuse and those who are gladly being abused as long as such false victim-game pays off for them because rewarded by western apparatschiks, populists, socialists with stolen money on the shoulders of their own looted folks, those populist leaders playing with and feeding up the same insane attitude, officially based yet justified by the source code of the mankinds enemy ?





'We had a dream'



On 07.10.11 David bought new shoes in Bozen / Bolzano. First I didn't know about it, because I was sitting in a near cafe while Ivana and David made their purchases. So I got to see those shoes only later back home where I took these shots here above. After back to Prague the next shot here below on 13.10.11



'We had a dream'



Orig.image size: 3.50 (3,680,978)







Deutsche Redewendung "So wird ein Schuh draus"

Old German saying:  "This is how to make a shoe"


ADD 28.10.11: I shall add by this occasion that David was born and grown up in Svitavy [Sudeten-German name: Zwittau], that is the city of Oskar Schindler (Schindlers List).


published 15.10.11




On 14th of October I learned in the news that this Sunday 16.10.11 the inauguration of the Martin Luther King memorial.[De] shall finally take place.

Martin Luther King, the man who 'had a dream'

Though what do you see here? Isn't this a sinister inspired fascist monument ? Do you think Martin would like it? Anyway, the inauguration had to be postponed several times until the date fell to..


  16 111  611 6111


...yet only few days after our David bought its new 'WE had a dream'-shoes. Just a coincidence? WHICH coincidence? WHAT coincidence. This unique date is unmistakable. Martin [which original Name I learned to be Michael] is not happy to be abused by an elite of sinister zeitgeist. This is the way how Martin himself - sitting behind the matriX at the right hand of Christ - tells us today that this is NOT the way he dreamed of ! This is NOT the kind of peace and freedom he was preaching. By choosing this date he says us: "I am going to be abused by the system guys, by the plagiarists, by the unprincipled, by the enemies of the spirit of authentic peace i/e the enemies of the Spirit of Christ, by those who do not confront the spirit of the mankind's enemy, but prefer to lay him the red carpet for what ever unholy reason, which can be cheap populism or for the unhealthy sinister purpose of a "false peace". In regard to the pharaohs they all play the game with them, which is unacceptable. These sinister developments are unacceptable. So, Martin Luther King [Michael] in reality stays on our side, behind the scene he stays with the truthfuls,  working for and with us, with the rightguards, with the heavens inspired legion. When I quickly google for his biography I read this in the first results showing up:



"King became pastor of the


Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery"

Screen shot 14.10.11 / 22:11


[published  on 15.10.11]    



WE had a dream!

Additional note / divine reconfirmation: This is a

Divine  message for you Americans...

A half hour after sending this present message online I went out with Ivana and Dagmar to the sushi restaurant behind the corner, as the American ambassador came in also for a dimmer with his family and accompanied by his body guards which then left. I never met the American ambassador before over all the 15 years which I am living in Prague, though Ivana recognized him immediately from TV as a very simpatico. Just a coincidence? WHICH coincidence? Outside I managed to catch the bodyguards car on photo [1,17mb] for a documentation. As you know, ambassador is a person who brings about a message. So, THIS latter one here on this page is a message which concerns the



Ogmios, 15.10.11, 20:00


Btw: today on PI I found Glenn Beck [a screen shot (re 811)]


One more on top:

Apropos Pharaohs...

One more update on next day 16.10.11 late afternoon David had the idea to go to the LVI DVUR [='Court of the Lion'] restaurant  for a good dinner with the best of excellent pork meat. Ok I said, why not. Ivana also agreed. So we did. After the dinner, on our way back through the Prague castle suddenly a black Audi car crossed my way. He was quite fast underway and came so near  to me that he almost run over me, while this is a large pedestrian zone and at this late day time it was like abandoned. Anyway, the car reminded me immediately on the American ambassadors car which I photographed right yesterday late evening, so I checked the car reg numbers to keep it in mind while trying to catch it on iphone[Later, back at home first action I compared the today's Audi number with that one of yesterdays evening and indeed it was the same! Useless to continue to repeat that this all has nothing to do with 'coincidence'. We are since long far far far ahead of such kind of excuses] Then I realized WHERE I was standing [walking] while the Audi came along: right at 1-2 meters from the OBELISK that symbol of the Pharaohs! So I made this panoramic shot for a documentation before we left.

"Czech Connection"

[A call to Hollywood included: While I write these lines on Czech TV started a film with Anthony Hopkins playing in Prague, including scenes on the Prague Castle, right at the places where we walked through a couple of hours back. On wikipedia Anthony is defined as the currently most popular living actor. I am surprised about the many crucifiXes and religious scenes involved in the

first part of the film with the title 'Ceska spojka' which literally translated =CZECH CONNECTION.Got it?  In English the film titles "bad company" and on wikipedia I read that "The film was originally slated to be released in December 2001 but because of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the film's release was postponed given the fact the film was about a terrorist attack on New York City.[2]"]

Ogmios, 16.10.11, 22:22



Personal note:

Who ever leaves the path of the DeXter [Judeo-Christian] principles switches to the sinister principles of corruption or to the vacuum which is nothing else than the doorstep to the siinister principle. So this is the mathematic way of downturn.


or you will lose.

Tell me: Exists there ANY real alternative?


America should be an authentic leader. Though a believable teacher will always go on Quality not on Quantity.

HOW can the scholars know the right direction after even the teacher has forgotten it ?

Isn't it the teacher who carries the main responsibility? It was just a question.


Ogmios 17.10.11 at 11.09






Hanson: Traditionell war Scham eine Bremse für die Ausnutzung des Versorgungsstaates. Ich bin in einer homogenen Gesellschaft aufgewachsen – jedenfalls was die Werte betrifft, denn meine Familie ist von ihrer Abstammung her völlig gemischt –, und da gab es das Wort Versorgung nicht. Man bekam „Stütze“, wenn man irgendwelche sozialen Leistungen bezog. Das war beschämend, es sei denn, es war unumgänglich, weil man zum Beispiel ein Bein verloren hatte oder aufgrund anderer Umstände nicht für sich selbst sorgen konnte. Wenn man nicht produktiv war, war man ein Schmarotzer. Den Scheck mit dem Sozialhilfebetrag ließ man niemanden sehen. Das änderte sich nach den großen Einwandererströmen. Da kam der Opfergedanke auf. Man verlangte staatliche Unterstützung, weil man ein Opfer war. So ist ein ganzes System entstanden, eine ganze Opferhierarchie. [[18.03.12 Leon De Winder by Davis Hanson]


[..] ... in der sogenannten Weißen Siedlung in Neukölln. Viele Migranten wohnen hier, fast jeder Zweite lebt vom Staat. Das Angebot des Quartiermanagements hat sich auf Konfliktlösungen spezialisiert, es gibt Kurse für Konfliktschlichter, Streetworker, Mediatoren, Nachbarschaftshelfer. Funktionieren scheinen sie nicht so besonders. Auch Jusef war seit kurzem in einer Jobcenter-Maßnahme als Streitschlichter aktiv. Die Mutter ist als ehemalige Teilnehmerin des Projektes Stadtmütter bekannt. So kann man auch [plagierte(!)*] Arbeitsplätze schaffen. Das von den Geber-Bundesländern durchgepamperte “Arm aber sexy”-Berlin hat offensichtlich fertig. Die deutsche Hauptstadt mit ihren über 60 Milliarden Schulden wirft ihre Geld [Richtigstellung: Schulden(!)*] Schulden auch noch für solch sinnlose Integrationshelferstellen zum Fenster raus. [18.03.12 Michael Stürzenberger auf PI>] [*Ogmios Anmerkungen]











[ 10513] Orig.pic.size:


 Time: ‏‎11:18


A series of 6 pictures made from our flats window on 16.10.11 over two crosses on the sky at one time, to which fact fits the twice exact identical size-on-disk data on the following picture-pairs: 10511+10512 yet 10514+10515. As you know, here above today we spoke about the pair of shoes.




 kB (991,232)


 kB (991,232)

Time: ‏‎11:17

‏‎Time: ‏‎11:17

‏‎Time: ‏‎11:18



976 kB (999,424)

976 kB (999,424)

‏‎Time: ‏‎11:18

Time: ‏‎11:19

Time: ‏‎11:19



See also the SUN-pictures of this same day 16.10.11


published on .24.10.11








 ~ 3611 | 11       video

114 | 11   video

 Update tubed on 26.04.12 WHAT IS SHARIAH.pdf






(5)9189861 = NEXUS 918 - 189 - 986 - 1|689


4126 = NEXUS 412 | 612


America, America


will say you have not been warned!








Kill the small fishes, dinner with the big fishes

365 | 815 | 115


816 | 689

Torpeding small fishes,

while co-operating with the masterminds of the same tarantula

which stirs the fire? What is that what a populist mask ? Is this a believable behaviour ? You never heard that a sickness should be treated at its roots not at its symptoms ? Tomorrow you will seat with those masterminds [2] in the same boat, eliminating (with what tools ever, or politically and medially annihilate) those who criticize your new "businessfriends", for such your superficial dangerous understanding of (a treacherous false) 'peace'?


Die kleinen Fische torpedieren,

aber mit den Köpfen derselben Tarantula kooperieren

Was ist das was für eine doppelschneidige, hinters Licht führende Maske ?


[..] Already in 1990, the OIC at its 19th Conference of Foreign Ministers called the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. And it specifically says that only the Shariah is set as the basis for interpretation of the statement. The Cairo Declaration shall apply to the 57 OIC member states as a guideline in the field of human rights. Remains the question how seriously the OLC member states then take the UN Human Rights Declaration of 1948? Since UN resolutions for states, however, hardly have more than the character of an appeal, the OIC will now step up. Their goal: an EU-wide legislation, under which could be prosecuted any islam critical media coverage and other Islam-critical studies. Supposedly the EU this summer has offered the OIC to serve as the host for the so called Istanbul process, which aims to promote these efforts. Back in December last year, the U.S. government under Barack Obama had agreed to act as host for an OIC conference. With this the organization received a significant upgrade with regard to the political legitimacy of its target. more 



20.08.12 PI


33 - 389 - 123 - 8111





From the chains we have come to the







Tarantula ►            







Obama said, [..] the deficit reduction was no longer a priority.





23.03.13  PI 






168 186 616


6 23 188 | 813 144


Obama 2009
"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam [*][*]. I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam, wherever they appear."

Clare Lopez, senior fellow at the Clarion Fund

"I checked the constitution, for the oat of office for the president of the United states and nowhere in that oat of office does it say ANYTHING about defending Islam against negative stereotypes."

 H  So, WHO IS THIS MAN speaking as if he would be a scharia advocate or the islamic mahdi on the throne of the United States ??


Omar Ahmad, the founder of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a interview: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other religions, BUT TO BECOME DOMINANT. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the HIGHEST authority in America, and Islam the ONLY ACCEPTED RELIGION ON EARTH."
WorldNetDaily, p. 129 "ISLAM is of THE DEVIL" by Dr. Terry Jones

27.03.13 Want to know how close the muslim brotherhood is to the Obama administration?





30.06.13: Obama &Co:

Spying everyone Except Mosques









Obama -White house birth certificate:



66|12 612

912 612 75 83

at 00:20 of 01.06.13



 H   Original documents are never made of layers. Wherever there are layers, there has been worked on (manipulated), and what ever has been worked on (manipulated) is no longer an original. 10 layers is a lot of hard designer work.

While working on this, I crossed another channel with this topic:



Within the video an interface with large clock display is apparently spontaneously being popped up by the video conductor, right at minute:


Scr.shot at min 3:32 without the mentioned interface popping up at 3:33

And one more video in detail

Where the spirit of the sun does not reign, the mafia reigns.

Update 14.06.13 PI 

by Matt Winkeljohn, / Original:

144|7 188|7


Orig.crop 561 px


Quote  [..]   Mr. Graff is perhaps the most legendary and honored professor ever at Columbia University. He was THE American History and Diplomatic History professor at Columbia for 46 years. Of everything that Mr. Graff said in his interview, he ended by saying this -

“I’m very upset by the whole story. I am angry when I hear Obama called ‘the first President of the United States from Columbia University.’ I don’t consider him a Columbia student. I have no idea what he did on the Columbia campus. No one knows him.”


 H  Can you smell it ? Or better: got it ?










When first opening the PI-homepage on

24.12.11 ~ 124



First line : 1193

Penultimate line : 8421 = 1248

Last line: 124


This divine numerological message refers to Natanyahu [video] and the Jewish people/folk. The brutal reality of the article on top refers to what we all have to get to avoid. Heaven will give us the power into our hand to manage this most heavy baby in the best way possible in order to

avoid the worst case,

until mankind will listen to the

heavens voice , and its legions voice, as this is







First line 386

Current online 931

Last line 123 983

Orig.screen shot time: 13:08 ~ 813 [~01:08pm = 18]



No further comment






22.01.12 [ 2211 / 211 / 12 ]


The 'Palestinian' Mufti

[The so called 'Palestinians' their highest religious authority]




 Opening the respective youtube video:


Visitors: 12 , Videos uploaded: 435 = sum up = 12 , Time   and   date: 22:00  of  22.01.12  =  hinting to 12 , Upload date: 15.01.12   / Likes  55




If you watch well the screen shot you will find even the 912

hint in the date displayed: Jan 9 2012 = 01.09.12 ~


Remaining digits:

Dislikes : 3   Video lenght: 1,24




Direct link to the video /  PI- Article  (Von Beschwichtiger)


Video about the official foundation anniversary ceremony of Fatah [=the party of Arafat and Abbas which is also leading the Palestinian authority]


The Mufti said he didn't call for murder, he "just quoted  the Prophet Mohammed". I can't change the Hadithes”.

Right !


Quoting the Moderator of the same official Fatah ceremony: 

"Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes."


People I don't know if you realize ... I really don't know if you realize.


5TO12 !!!



Zitiert aus PI

[..] Ismail Haniya Hamas-Regierungschef des Gazastreifens, war zu Gast bei Atombomben-Ahmadinedschad (l.) am 33. Jahrestag der Revolution von 1979 und äußerte sich klipp und klar. In deutschen Blättern kam wenig, die NZZ bringt als Wortlaut:

Der Kampf wird bis zur vollständigen Befreiung des Gebiets Palästinas und Jerusalems und der Rückkehr aller palästinensischer Flüchtlinge weitergehen. Man will, dass wir die israelische Besatzung anerkennen und den Widerstand aufgeben. Aber als Vertreter des palästinensischen Volkes und im Namen aller, die in der Welt für die Freiheit einstehen, bekräftige ich,

dass wir, wie wir stets gesagt haben, Israel niemals anerkennen werden.

Ogmios annotation:

Der BLUTDURST des Hollenmeisters bricht sich langsam aber sicher bahn.







30.11.12  PI 

UN upgrades Palestine




[..] UN upgrades Palestine to "observer state". The UN has upgradet Palestine to an "observer state", whatever that is. This is the top news this morning.


of the


UN members voted for such recognition as a state, only nine against.


abstained, including Germany. This shows if not the balance of power, then at least the mood in the world: per Palestine, contra Israel. Si vis pacem para bellum! Israel would do well to prepare for the next war.


 H   Give them their place if they want. But then completely


abusing[!] of them by financing them

in their victim game & unholy agenda

then let them show what they can.


Based on experience, on their declarations, on their agenda and on the agenda of their financiers,


     can or will grant for ?


Seen on PI 01.12.12




09.12.12 [few days after UN-Upgrade(!)]

Quote: [..] At the celebrations for the


founding of his radical Islamic movement Hamas leader on Saturday denied in Gaza City in a combative speech again Israel's right to exist.

"Palestine from the Jordan to the Mediterranean and from north to south is our land and our home, and we will never make concessions over an inch of our land" he repeated on Saturday in front of tens of thousands of cheering supporters in Gaza City, these well-known positions of Hamas."Sooner or later, Palestine will again belong to us and will never be left to the Zionists (Israel)," added Mashaal. Previously, to the surprise of the spectators he had climbed on a dummy missile established on the podium. Hamas spoke of half Million participants - many with the green flags of Hamas. []


  H   This is what the corrupted UN mafia is in love with



published 12.12.12


Quoting Nonie Darwish 

daughter or Mustafa Hafez, former chief of the intelligence service of Gaza and founder of the Fedajeen, the first terrorist group that perpetrated raids on Israel's southern border in 1951-1956.

"Ich habe immer Israel die Schuld am Tod meines Vaters gegeben, weil mir dies so beigebracht wurde. Ich habe nie darüber nachgedacht, warum Israel meinen Vater eliminiert hat. Sie töteten meinen Vater, weil die Fedajeen Israelis töteten. Sie töteten meinen Vater, während wir Kinder uns selbst einbläuten, Jihad zu führen. Wir hatten Tränen in den Augen, als wir schworen, zu sterben. Heute spreche ich mit Leuten, die leugnen, dass es vor 1967 Terror gegen Israel gab. Wie können sie das sagen? Mein Vater starb dabei."

Von "Land für Frieden" hält Nonie Darwish nichts: "Wir täuschen uns selbst, wenn wir denken, dass die Idee „Land für Frieden“ funktioniert.

Der Islam kann grundsätzlich nicht mit anderen Kulturen koexistieren. Auf keiner Ebene können Muslime mit Juden oder Christen koexistieren. Es waren die arabischen Staaten, die die Palästinenser in den Krieg mit Israel drängten. Von sich aus hätten sie das nie gewollt.

Die Palästinenser sind Marionetten der 1,2 Milliarden Muslime. Sie sind Kanonenfutter der Saudis und des Iran, die den Nahen Osten kontrollieren wollen."

From the rotten tree to the garden













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