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'9 8 [we] 698'


Original shot [19:57:54]


Original shot [19:58:18]

Size on disk: 1.17 MB (1,232,896 bajtù')

Remaining numbers: 1+2+3+2 = 8 +1 = 9 =


9 8 896


This day after having a visit in a bar/cafe' Ivana David and me decided to spend our lunch time in the near Chinese restaurant [which we know it to be Veronika's preferred restaurant]. On our way while crossing the Wenceslas square I noted the coming by tramway with the numbers 9 and 8 / 698 which you can also combine into   


 9 8 698     or

986 9 8


Few seconds later -still on this same place while crossing the Wenceslas square - the taxi with the number 9A1 -968 crossed our way. It was a car from the 'AAA taxi company'.

Since A converts into 8, and the 1 can stand for an 'I' or 'we', the taxis information [or better re-confirmation] results again into:    

9 8 [we] 698



message signed by AAA = 888



    added 17.07.11








Today underway with Ivana, as I spoke to her over the most recent divine message yet explained her that most often this happens in symbolic places. In that same moment I found this situation of above in front of me. The scene took place in front of the Pinkas Synagogue. Btw, Vezenska is located in Prague's Jewish Quarter.



224819668 => The remaining digits sum up to 8+1=9 and 2+2+4=8 =>

996688 or

968 968


Original pictures size data

1.10 MB (1,158,618 bajtù)

1.10 MB (1,159,168 bajtù)

summing up the remaining digits results into:

11MB -1119

11MB -1111

11  |  9111 | 1111



111111111119 = 11x1 = 11 [9]


More numerology:

O G = 3+2= 5 = in regard to the time of change.

The lamp of the Opel sign fits the 5 symbolizing = methaphysical [Opel Astra~Astral] potentiation through forced purification.

W=V V = Win / Victory

1248 = Gods Will in Christ



A re-confirmation of this message comes along directly on the same place in the same moment. Right behind the Opel Astra was parked a Chrysler car. It was the exactly same type of car, exterior and interior colour and equipment as myself once owned 20 years ago. Here its car reg. number decoded:


Version 1: AHZ 22[0]2  = [A=8 / H=1/Z=1]

Version 2: AHZ 22[0]2  = [A=8 / H=19 / Z=1]



1] The building in the background is the so called "Old synagogue", located at a few hundred yards from Vezenska street.


2] The third picture [with the Crysler] had the picture number 333, while the first pic on top had the number 331, referring to 1331


3] As I noted only after the work done, the 1198 of the Crysler reg. plate resembles the date of publication of this message, published on 09.08.11 ~ [1198]







Picture nr 208 of 


[now find the 208 even on the water container itself]


The 869

on my car its water container. I detected this only today [my car is 10 years old] at 11:42 [=sequence 124] for first time, as I brought it to the service station for a control. Analyzing the picture I found there is a complete message on that water container:


Version 1:

Christ [8] for [2] the flagship [869] in regard to the end of the cycle and/or new beginning [12].

'PP' decodes into 11.11.


Version 1:

In the Spirit of Christ you becoming a King  [28], working on 869, building 11.11


The unmistakable

Orig. picture size data:

865 kB (886,362 bajtù)

868 kB (888,832 bajtù)


Note: every second digit is an 8.

The remaining digits are to be summed up to


6+3+6+2= 17 => 1+7 = 8

6+3+2 =11

resulting into the final picture:

811 888

811 8888 =

9x8  & 11.11

      [Note 9x8=72(!)]

added on 10.08.11


 9999-Mercedes light bulbs




09.08.11   [9811


[18:57] [18:58]


Original picture1 

1.00 MB (1,057,333 bajtù) [1+5+7=13]

1.01 MB (1,060,864 bajtù) [6+4=10]

Original picture2 

1.04 MB (1,093,008 bajtù)

1.04 MB (1,093,632 bajtù) [3+3+2=8] 

Original picture3 

1.04 MB (1,100,147 bajtù) [4+7=11]

1.05 MB (1,101,824 bajtù) [8+2+1=11]  [4+5=9]

Original picture4 

1.03 MB (1,085,968 bajtù) [8+5=13]

1.03 MB (1,089,536 bajtù) [5+3=8] 

Original picture5 

0.99 MB (1,043,425 bajtù)

0.99 MB (1,044,480 bajtù)

Original picture6 

989 kB (1,013,625 bajtù) [6+3=9][5+2+1+1=9] 

992 kB (1,015,808 bajtù) [2+1+1+5=9]




















 13  333

1111 86 


 141 938

 141 968


 1111 114

 1111 19   


 13 | 14 | 968

13 | 18 | 968



 99 & 144


 98 999

999 88



Nachricht an Micha am 10.08.11

Re: Muss dir bei der Gelegenheit auch ein Geschichtchen erzählen was mich wegen des Zusammentreffen der Geschehnisse ganz besonders berührt hat. Es geschah gestern abend. Ich setzte auf meiner Homepage ein Link von meiner Seite auf die "Flagship"-Seite, wo es um den REGENBOGEN geht. [Auf jener Seite benutzte ich bisher in Ermangelung eines Originalbildes ein provisorisches Bild welches nicht von mir war sondern ich aus google herabgeladen hatte.] Dann überlegte ich einen Augenblick ob ich das Link auch von der Seite Christi' setzen sollte. 'Aber was für eine dumme Frage' sagte ich dann im Gedanken zu mir selbst 'ja selbstverständlich gehört das dort hin' und setzte es. Dann passierte innerhalb von 10 minuten folgendes: Es wurde stockdunkel, ein kurzer Wolkenbruch mit Gewitter von wenigen Minuten setzte ein und dann war urplötzlich die gleisende Sonne wieder da. Ich ging zum Fenster und was ich sah war der schönste Regenbogen meines Lebens. Blitze sausten durch ihn noch hindurch. Wow! Seitdem habe ich meine eigenen originalen Bilder für die flagship-seite. Dank dem Grössten aller Grossen, dank dem Höchsten aller Hohen. Gruesse ! Herbert


Message to friend Micha on 10.08.11

Re: In this occastion I must tell you a little story which has touched me in particular because of  those events timing. It happened last late evening. I was working on my homepage and put a link from my Ogmios page  to the Flagship-page where I am presenting the RAINBOW. [On the side I used to date in the absence of an original image a temporary image which was not mine but I had down loaded from google.] Then I thought for a moment whether I should put the link from the side of Christ '. 'But what a stupid question "I said then thought to myself' yes, of course there is the point 'and sat there. Then happened within 10 minutes of the following: It was pitch dark, a brief downpour with thunder from a few minutes and then sat down suddenly in the blaring sun was back. I went to the window and what I saw was the most beautiful rainbow of my life. Lightning darted through him even through it. Wow!  Since then I have my own original images for the flagship site. Great thanks to the greatest of all, thanks to the Most High all. Regards! Herbert





On 15.08.11 I told to Lida about the rainbow happening. On the next day 16.08.11  morning my iphone alarm clock is ringing at 09:09 [99]am without ever having set this hour. Few minutes later I went out to open our boutique this morning, as our shop assistant Lida came to me to tell me -in reference to my rainbow story- about a certain Bible chapter Genesis 9:9 [99]which tells about Noah and the Rainbow.


God said "I set My rainbow in the cloud over the earth that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and THOSE WHO HAVE EARS FOR MY WORD IN MY SON AND THOSE WHO FOLLOW HIM ; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh."

The saving anchor


Note [De]:

Der originale [ursprüngliche] Nikolaus hält den Krampus stets an der Kette. [Zitat Experte in Religionsgeschichte am 6:12:12 um 4.45pm in Radio Bayern]

Note [En]:

The original Nicholas holds the Krampus always on the chain. [Quote expert in religious history at 6:12:12 at 4.45pm on Radio Bavaria]






[note: this was at a time when colored umbrellas were generally

not yet seen, or at least very rare, very uncommon]


PIC2 [time:19:04.46]  [400] [404]

PIC1 [time:19:04:36]

PIC3 [time:19:05:00]


As I turned my eyes downwards under the rainbow noted several people walking along the street with red umbrellas. There were red umbrellas only around there. [The series of shots here above are made within a time span of 25 seconds]


The divine authorities numerological fingerprint on picture 2 and 3:

Original picture 2

1.26 MB (1,331,652 bajtù)

1.27 MB (1,335,296 bajtù)

Original picture 3

1.27 MB (1,333,709 bajtù)

1.27 MB (1,335,296 bajtù)



Note that  beside of black the colours appearing on the involved persons on the red umbrellas series were:

 Red  [umbrella+shirt] |  Green  shirt+jacket |  Blue & Yellow  shopping bag, = thus the colours of the rainbow, or as in the balloons  here  below.


added 19.08.11










Yellow  Blue  Red  Green

Pic4   19:17





19:16    19:16   19:15   


This evening suddenly Ivana shouting to me and David we shall look out of the window. What we saw was indeed a fantastic surprise: green, yellow, blue and red balloons 'dancing' around in the wind, right outside in front of our window [in the 5th floor]. We don't know who and why let rise those balloons. I only know that if those balloons with our four colours hang exactly in front of our window thanks to their cords with exact the necessary length and being anchored in the exact point, so forget the coincidence.


This was the first moment, the surprise. And the first shot.

Original picture size on disk:

976 kB (999,424 bajtù)



More rising balloons

Original picture size on disk:

912 kB (933,888 bajtù)



The balloons their cords hanging on a protruding metal rod

Original picture size on disk:

1.26 MB (1,331,200 bajtù)



Yellow  Blue  Red  Green

Original picture size on disk:

1.13 MB (1,189,681 bajtù)

1.13 MB (1,191,936 bajtù)


968  936

 811 + 911


The remaining digits result through 3+6=9 into twice the 19 or through 1+6+3=10 again into 191 ~ 911

Reordering the digits involved in pic nr 4:

1111111111  333  999  88  66


Conclusively we have 10x1=


I shall remind that the you become the 1 through the achievement of the 1111 [=Yellow - Blue - Red - Green], while the other numbers figure [are composted of the capital digits]:







published 18.08.11 [ = 8811 | 188 | 18 | 811]





Rainbow shots made on the highway underway from Bolzano/Bozen toward Prague.

1] Original pic. no 10294 [ Size 938 ]

2] Original pic. no 10295 [ Size on disk 976(999,424) ]


3] Picture no [10]296

Size on Disk:  900kB [921,600] *

[*find this exact identic data at the XUN message]

[* it also appeared earlier on this same day at the TURN AROUND message]


4] Original pic. no 10297 [ Size on disk: 888 (909,312)


Image made at        04:08:44[pm] of 08.10.11

‏‎Image downloaded  11:08:21[am] of 10.10.11

} 1,2,4


5] Screen shot from video no [102]98

Rainbow over falcon on red limb/branch.

Screen shot at sec.00:08 of a video sequence. [I had my iphone switched to video by accident. This second 00:08 is the only short moment with this scene  because I tempted to make a picture without being aware that iphone was switched to video mode].

[Time: 16:10]



6]  ... immediately followed by the car no.



Original pic. no 10299 [ Size: 0,99MB]

Original pic. no 10300  [ Size: ,863 kB]

} 9863





13.05.12 Zwei Tote bei Absturz eine Heißluftballons in Frankreich

Beim Absturz eines Heißluftballons mit vier Personen an Bord sind nach französischen Medienangaben zwei Menschen ums Leben gekommen, die beiden weiteren Passagiere wurden schwer verletzt.  

Der Ballon war Sonntag früh kurz nach dem Start bei Château-Thierry nach Angaben der Webseite der Zeitung „Le Figaro“ an einer Hochspannungsleitung hängengeblieben. Dadurch habe sich der Korb aus seiner Halterung gelöst und sei zu Boden gestürzt.

Ermittlungen sollen klären, wie es genau zu dem Unfall kam.




[screen shot] 13.05.12




16.05.12 ~

 111.12 11112






Surprise for our sell women Lida and me on this morning at the boutique opening. A perfect horizontal single spider silk, a technical and geometric master work, positioned in front of the door, at the high of the door handle. [on the picture above highlighted with a white photoshop line.] Picture size details:


2.64 MB (2,772,992)

While 2.64 via 6+4=1 results into 21, the 2772 symmetry figuring balance, while showing the way toward it through the decoding of 27= 2+7=9, resulting in a 

 21 99992

The remaining '2' its purpose is to be paired with the near 9, telling through 9+2 =


as this is reconfirmed with the digits left in the time data of the same shot: 09:29:30, without the contained 913-code:

09.2 / 9.13


For the 007:

Original sized with white photoshop line 

Original sized improved contrast 

Original shot 







STOL .it

Vier Kühe auf Tiroler Weide durch Blitzschlag getötet.
Während eines Unwetters im Raum Brixlegg im Tiroler Bezirk Kufstein sind Donnerstagabend vier Kühe durch einen Blitzschlag getötet worden. Die Tiere einer auf rund 1000 Meter Seehöhe gelegenen Landwirtschaft waren auf einer Wiese gestanden und hatten unter einer Baumgruppe Schutz gesucht. Dabei schlug der Blitz in ihrer Nähe ein, die Energie dürfte über einen Stacheldraht zu den Kühen weitergeleitet worden sein, teilte die Polizei am Freitag mit. Der Zwischenfall ereignete sich gegen 21.30 Uhr in Reith im Alpbachtal. Das Weidevieh war oberhalb des Anwesens in der Nähe eines Bretterzauns gestanden, auf dem der Stacheldraht angebracht war. Vermutlich dürften die Kühe sofort tot gewesen sein.



STOL .it

Mendel: Vier Hütten in Flammen
In der Gemeinde Cavareno auf dem Mendelpass im Trentino sind in der Nacht auf Mittwoch vier Hütten durch ein Feuer zerstört oder stark beschädigt worden. Während eine Hütte fast vollständig abgebrannt sein soll, gibt es bei den anderen drei Schäden. Die vier Hütten gehören Südtirolern. Die Polizei geht davon aus, dass das Feuer auf Brandstiftung zurückzuführen ist.[..]


24.06.12  [screen shot]

[..] Glück im Unglück


13.08.12 Quotation [..] Vier Teenager bei Verkehrsunfall in Tschechien ums Leben gekommen. Bei einem schweren Verkehrsunfall in Tschechien sind vier junge Menschen gestorben. Der Fahrer ihres Kleinwagens missachtete an einer Kreuzung im Erzgebirgsvorland den Vorrang.  Das Auto prallte gegen einen Transporter, wie die Polizei in Usti am Montag mitteilte.[..]


My dinner plate today 

IMG 1885







































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