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For those already misled, tempted and cheated one by the bloody imperators barbaric ideology of blood and fear, the "good" or "gentile" Christian, Jew, [or Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Sikhs etc..], is such one which pays the "Jizya" dhimmi tax to his Muslim masters [local clan] as of Quran, yet makes them govern with the lie or even reconfirms them in their lie instead to tell them the truth, after he choose to submit himself to the power of the lie and barbarity too.

What would Jesus Christ and all the authentic masters have said?!

Amen I say you Christ the Great Genius is putting HIS words into my mouth.
Amen I say you can be proud to not be a "gentile" one.

Don't fool yourselves supposing Jesus Christ would not have confronted the barbarians with the most clear, unmistakable word!

Jesus Christ



Amen I say you in the name of the

The Father+The Son+The Holy Spirit



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Juden und Christen sind dem Schweißgestank von Kamelen und Dreckfressern gleichzusetzen und gehören zum Unreinsten der Welt… Alle nichtmuslimischen Regierungen sind Schöpfungen Satans, die vernichtet werden müssen.“

[Ayatollah Khomeini]





Note: This islamic doctrine and understanding of a good non-muslim is applied not only toward the Christians, but toward Buddhists, Hindu, Bahai, Yezides etc., simply toward all authentic religions under islamic rule/power.







il "gentile" cristiano e' quello che paga la tassa dhimmi "Jizya" ai suoi signori maomettani come da corano e che li fa governare con la bugia o addiritura li riconferma nella stessa invece di dirle la verita, e quindi si sottomette al potere della bugia e barbaria.


Cos'averebbe detto Jesu Cristo?!

Sappia che Gesu Cristo mette la Sua parole sulla mia lingua.

Sia tu fiero di non essere un cristiano "gentile".
E non farti le illusioni che Gesu Cristo non abbia confrontato i seguaci del barbaro con la parola piu chiara e piu dura !

Gesu Cristo






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The Islam's answer


● Question of the young muslim:

"Salam, I would need an answer asap, today I got to know about the death of a christian friend or mine. I wanted to know if I can go to the cemetery to bring a simple bouquet of flowers as a token of friendship and affection I felt."

● The imams response in respect of the quran:
It is forbidden to pray for the salvation of the non-muslims dead: "It is not good that the prophet and the believers ask for forgiveness for the polytheists - even if they were relatives - after it was made clear that they are companions of Hell" - Quran,IX,113"



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La risposta dell'islam


● Domanda della giovane musulmana:

"Salam,avrei bisogno di una risposta al più presto possibile,oggi ho saputo della morte di una mia amica cristiana,volevo sapere se si può andar al cimitero a portare un semplice mazzo di fiori in segno dell'amicizia e affetto che provavo"

Risposta dell'imam in rispetto del corano:
E' proibito pregare per la salvezza dei non-musulmani morti: "Non è bene che il Profeta e i credenti chiedano il perdono per i politeisti - fossero anche loro parenti - dopo che è stato reso evidente che questi sono i compagni della Fornace" -Corano,IX,113"







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