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Who is "no vax" ?

The so called "no vax" aren't no vax, it's another lie, they are FREE vax.

That is something else if not the opposite, because the others ore the

vaxdictators. The freevax do not dictate.

Free means without discrimination.

Discrimination is not free.

When African or Asian people including islamic fanatics

and rapists illegal cross the Western borders

most pro compulsory vax people stand guard

for them with the argument of discrimination.

Where are they now, when their own friends

and neighbours are being discriminated

on their own soil  in front of their

own eyes and for zero reason ?

updated 28.09.21





Heute knann man nur mehr sagen:

"Verschwörungstheoretiker" ist ein Verschmähungsbegriff

der Mäuse gegen den gesunden Hausverstand.

Jener 6malschlauen die hinterher nie nichts gewusst haben

wollen weil sie sich ihre Götter bestellen damit diese ihnen die

Märchen erzählen die sie von ihnen zu hören wünschen,

dafür können diese tun und lassen was sie wollen,

bis es zu spät ist.




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[..]  Jonson&Jonson business lead, Brandon Schatt in regard to the vaccination of children. "It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?" [..] Another J&J insider, scientist Justin Durrant, explicitly said "Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine], I didn’t tell you though." [..]

In the trap.

 last updated 30.09.21

[..] Conclusions: The current pandemic was produced and perpetuated by the establishment, through the use of a virus engineered in a PLA-connected Chinese biowarfare laboratory, with the aid of American taxpayer dollars and French expertise.

This research was conducted under the absolutely ridiculous euphemism of “gain-of-function” research, which is supposedly carried out in order to determine which viruses have the highest potential for zoonotic spillover and preemptively vaccinate or guard against them.

Gain-of-function/gain-of-threat research, a.k.a. “Dual-Use Research of Concern”, or DURC, is bioweapon research by another, friendlier-sounding name, simply to avoid the taboo of calling it what it actually is. It has always been bioweapon research. The people who are conducting this research fully understand that they are taking wild pathogens that are not infectious in humans and making them more infectious, often taking grants from military think tanks encouraging them to do so.

These virologists conducting this type of research are enemies of their fellow man, like pyromaniac firefighters. GOF research has never protected anyone from any pandemic. In fact, it has now started one, meaning its utility for preventing pandemics is actually negative. It should have been banned globally, and the lunatics performing it should have been put in straitjackets long ago.

Either through a leak or an intentional release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a deadly SARS strain is now endemic across the globe, after the WHO and CDC and public officials first downplayed the risks, and then intentionally incited a panic and lockdowns that jeopardized people’s health and their livelihoods.

This was then used by the utterly depraved and psychopathic aristocratic class who rule over us as an excuse to coerce people into accepting an injected poison which may be a depopulation agent, a mind control/pacification agent in the form of injectable “smart dust”, or both in one. They believe they can get away with this by weaponizing the social stigma of vaccine refusal. They are incorrect.

Their motives are clear and obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. These megalomaniacs have raided the pension funds of the free world. Wall Street is insolvent and has had an ongoing liquidity crisis since the end of 2019. The aim now is to exert total, full-spectrum physical, mental, and financial control over humanity before we realize just how badly we’ve been extorted by these maniacs.

The pandemic and its response served multiple purposes for the Elite:

Concealing a depression brought on by the usurious plunder of our economies conducted by rentier-capitalists and absentee owners who produce absolutely nothing of any value to society whatsoever. Instead of us having a very predictable Occupy Wall Street Part II, the Elites and their stooges got to stand up on television and paint themselves as wise and all-powerful saviors instead of the marauding cabal of despicable land pirates that they are.

Destroying small businesses and eroding the middle class.

Transferring trillions of dollars of wealth from the American public and into the pockets of billionaires and special interests.

Engaging in insider trading, buying stock in biotech companies and shorting brick-and-mortar businesses and travel companies, with the aim of collapsing face-to-face commerce and tourism and replacing it with e-commerce and servitization.

Creating a casus belli for war with China, encouraging us to attack them, wasting American lives and treasure and driving us to the brink of nuclear armageddon.

Establishing technological and biosecurity frameworks for population control and technocratic- socialist “smart cities” where everyone’s movements are despotically tracked, all in anticipation of widespread automation, joblessness, and food shortages, by using the false guise of a vaccine to compel cooperation.

Any one of these things would constitute a vicious rape of Western society. Taken together, they beggar belief; they are a complete inversion of our most treasured values.

What is the purpose of all of this? One can only speculate as to the perpetrators’ motives, however, we have some theories.

The Elites are trying to pull up the ladder, erase upward mobility for large segments of the population, cull political opponents and other “undesirables”, and put the remainder of humanity on a tight leash, rationing our access to certain goods and services that they have deemed “high-impact”, such as automobile use, tourism, meat consumption, and so on. Naturally, they will continue to have their own luxuries, as part of a strict caste system akin to feudalism.

Why are they doing this? Simple. The Elites are Neo-Malthusians and believe that we are overpopulated and that resource depletion will collapse civilization in a matter of a few short decades. They are not necessarily incorrect in this belief. We are overpopulated, and we are consuming too many resources. However, orchestrating such a gruesome and murderous power grab in response to a looming crisis demonstrates that they have nothing but the utmost contempt for their fellow man.

To those who are participating in this disgusting farce without any understanding of what they are doing, we have one word for you. Stop. You are causing irreparable harm to your country and to your fellow citizens.

To those who may be reading this warning and have full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing and how it will unjustly harm millions of innocent people, we have a few more words.

Damn you to hell. You will not destroy America and the Free World, and you will not have your New World Order. We will make certain of that.

Can you hear the


606 px

869  22  45









are the vertical minds preaching

the horizontal world.

If they don't keep you low and divided

in thousand parts while preaching unity

for the wrong thing,

they can't be high.

That is what unifies them.

The rest is almost all theatre from the finest.

The more you believe in it,

the more they feed you with chicken food

and play their false games with you.

Of course, in such social environment there is always

a more or less large portion of spineless citizens

who join in to profit.





If the technical developments, thanks to the trickery of the money printer, go too far ahead of the time while the intellectual and personal maturity of mankind cannot keep up accordingly, the ground for troubles is laid.

Wenn die technischen Entwicklungen dank der Gelddrucker-Trickserei
der Zeit zu weit vorausgehen während die geistige und personelle Reife
der Menschheit nicht entsprechend mithalten kann,

ist der Boden für Probleme gelegt.




J&J Vaccine Possibly Linked To Two More Serious Health Conditions, EU Regulator Finds
The regulator agreed to send warning statements directly to health care practitioners regarding both the clotting and the immune condition... [..] “If an individual has a history of ITP, healthcare professionals should consider the risk of developing low platelet levels prior to administering the vaccine. In individuals with a history of ITP, it is recommended to monitor platelet levels following vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen,” the direct communication to doctors stated. The message to doctors regarding venous thromboembolism (VTE) noted that instances of the condition were rare, but that the risk of the condition should be considered for those with increased risk factors for blood clots. The message also noted that patients presenting with one of the two conditions should be checked for the other. [..]




The most reliable warranty that exists in the universe

is that 9 is the way up while 6 is the way down.

The rest is mostly fume and trickery of the false castles.





Without Lockdowns, Sweden Had Fewer Excess Deaths Than Most Of Europe




Right while crossing "Deagel Liste" *

video file




"Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril" - Merck's COVID 'Super Drug' Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn   "...there is a concern that this will cause long-term mutation effects, even cancer."





Pandora Papers (1)

[..] Intransparente Trusts, Stiftungen und Briefkastenfirmen: Erneut haben investigative Journalisten brisante Unterlagen zugespielt bekommen - zu mehr als 300 Politikern und Prominenten aus aller Welt.

Pandora Papers (2)

Die „Pandora Papers“ sind nur die Spitze des Eisbergs
Offshore-Leaks | China-Leaks | LuxLeaks | SwissLeaks | Panama Papers | Paradise Papers | Luanda Leaks | Pandora Papers


The Swamp: a revealing look into Washington corruption





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With the argument of the common good have been justified the most repressive systems in supposedly so modern human history. How can someone claim to be modern when chained and manipulated.


Mit dem Argument des Gemeinschaftswohles wurden die repressivsten Systeme der angeblich so modernen Menschheitsgeschichte gerechtfertigt. Wie aber kann einer behaupten modern zu sein wenn angekettet und manipuliert.


Con la scusa del bene per il comune sono stati giustificati i sistemi più repressivi nella presunta storia umana moderna. Come si può affermare di essere moderni mentre incatenati e manipolati.




Neues russisches Medikament – Hoffnung für Ungeimpfte bei einer COVID-19-bedingten Pneumonie  [..] Das neue russische Medikament Leutragin wurde zur Bekämpfung des durch COVID-19 verursachten Zytokinsturms entwickelt. Das Präparat, ein stabilisiertes Analogon des körpereigenen Hexapeptids Dynorphin 1-6, gilt als absolut sicher (nicht zuletzt, weil hormonfrei) und ist für verschiedene Altersgruppen geeignet.  [..] Leutragin bekämpft den Zytokinsturm auch dann, wenn dieser bereits im Gange ist. Auch in der Wirksamkeit zeigt sich das Medikament sehr effektiv: Bei klinischen Versuchen mit Patienten in einem mäßig schweren Zustand musste nicht ein einziger Patient auf die Intensivstation – und ihre Genesung erfolgte im Schnitt nach acht Tagen statt der bei der Standardtherapie gewöhnlichen durchschnittlichen 14 Tage. [..]



New Russian drug - hope for the unvaccinated in COVID-19-related pneumonia.  [..]The new Russian drug Leutragin was developed to combat the cytokine storm caused by COVID-19. The preparation, a stabilized analogue of the body's own hexapeptide dynorphin 1-6, is considered absolutely safe (not least because it is hormone-free) and is suitable for various age groups.[..] Leutragin fights the cytokine storm even when it is already underway. The drug has also been shown to be very effective: in clinical trials with patients in a moderately severe condition, not a single patient had to be admitted to the intensive care unit - and their recovery took place after an average of eight days instead of the average 14 days usual with standard therapy. [..]

Do you think the Western elites will be interested in this medication ? Forget it! In contrary: They will do everything to avoid it, just as with Ivermectin. "per amore di sè e degli altri..."(ignoranti)




Impfpropagandablattl Stol:




Singapore world champion (of "rationalism")

Singapur: Weltmeister der Coronaschutzimpfung.

left side: wave without vaccine   -   right side: with 100% vaccinated popul.

another world champion  

From here they will even more do everything to falsify the numbers

and hide the reality, everywhere.


Mankind has to get open ears for the truth and follow the precious heavenly advices. That is the key. DAS ist der Coronaschutzschlüssel.


68|61     2|39    19





(translated) [..] The federal government emphasized the protective effect against a serious corona illness through the vaccination. "The fact is that vaccinations protect and a lack of vaccination protection is the main reason why people with a Covid-19 infection need intensive medical treatment," said the Ministry of Health. [..] Even the president of the Association of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), Gernot Marx, told the Funke newspapers "The corona vaccination is an effective protection against serious illnesses." [..]

Pharmacology should never be seen as a long-term or definitive solution (especially not in the case of widespread mass use), just to bridge the gap, because it does not heal, it only suppresses, and indeed temporarily because its effect wears off while the natural defence is weakened further and further.

The widespread use of experimental pharmaceuticals is, with or without consequences, a moral transgression of the do-gooders and their false gods, especially if this application becomes mandatory due to discriminatory measures.

Finally, man should also make the calculation with nature, because through nature God speaks.








Nochmals: Eine Gesellschaft in der nicht nur jeder Einzelne -von den Eliten bis ganz nach unten- gnadenlos dem Gelddrucker-System ausgeliefert ist, sondern auch die Unternehmer durch Zuschüsse, Beiträge, Investitionsförderungen, ganz zu schweigen von den Unternehmensanleihen die von den Zentralbanken en mass aufgekauft werden, um im großflächigem Stile Konkursverschleppung zu betreiben. Wie nennt man so ein System, ganz unabhängig vom alltäglichen politischen Kasperletheater  ? Wie nennt man ein System wo ein paar Gauner dir in alle deine Angelegenheiten und in dein Wohnzimmer hineinregieren ?


= der wohltätige Dieb

und sein bester Freund: Der Gelddrucker



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2,05 MB (2.158.592 byte)

Sozialismus ist ein Marketingwort für großangelegten Betrug. Woher kommt denn das viele Geld das hier die gelenkte Runde macht. Das hat es alles schon mehrfach gegeben. Wir alle wissen wie der Sozialismus endet:



134|555    2|47   

12   1|9386   36

[..] Are we really crazy enough to believe that conjuring trillions of dollars out of thin air and then leveraging this into tens of trillions of dollars and dumping all this money into assets which don't increase in utility so that their "value" rises 10-fold even as their utility remains unchanged is sustainable and a solid foundation for our economy?  [..]





[..] Facebook versuchte, unliebsame Studienergebnisse zurückzuhalten. Eine ehemalige Facebook-Produktmanagerin ging nun an die Öffentlichkeit.
Ähnlich wie die Tabakindustrie, die jahrzehntelang Erkenntnisse darüber verheimlichte, dass Rauchen Krebs verursachen kann, versuchte auch Facebook, unliebsame Studien zurückzuhalten. [..]

[..]  Facebook tried to withhold unwelcome study results. A former Facebook product manager has now gone public. Like the tobacco industry, which for decades hid findings that smoking can cause cancer, Facebook tried to withhold unwelcome studies. [..]
The truth doesn't come by itself. It has to be found.



[..] Impfung "hochwirksam und sicher"? Jeder dritte "COVID-Tote" der letzten vier Wochen war durchgeimpft. [..] "Jens Spahn will die Öffentlichkeit weiterhin nicht über die zunehmende Dynamik bei den Impfdurchbrüchen aufklären."  Dabei geht es um alle jene Menschen, die nach offizieller Darstellung einen vollen Corona-Impfschutz haben und die später trotzdem positiv auf das Virus SARS-CoV-2 getestet werden oder mit der Diagnose COVID-19 erkranken. Ihr Anteil nimmt Berichten zufolge in den Statistiken des Robert Koch-Instituts (RKI) deutlich zu. Demnach waren in der Zeit vom 13. September bis zum 10. Oktober mehr als die Hälfte, nämlich 55 Prozent der positiv getesteten Personen durch die Injektion eines der experimentellen Impfstoffe "vollständig" gegen COVID-19 immunisiert worden.
Der Anteil dieser "Immunisierten" unter den derzeit intensivmedizinisch behandelten Patienten macht laut RND einen Anteil von 29 Prozent aus. In den vier Wochen zuvor lag dieser Anteil noch bei zehn Prozent, wie eine Sprecherin des Bundesgesundheitsministeriums dem RND erklärte. Demnach wird diese Entwicklung jedoch mit einem "rein statistischen Effekt" begründet, weil das RKI seine Zählweise umgestellt hätte. [..]  Verdreifacht wegen statistischem Effekt ?¿  Wie wird denn da gezählt.



Eines muss der Menschheit klar sein:

Betrunkene Seelen mit verstopften Ohren

können nicht gerettet werden.


One thing must be clear to mankind:
Drunken s
ouls with choked ears

cannot be saved.




The American so called Woke ideology spilling over into France [..] Emmanuel Anjembe,, the Afro-European CEO of an advertising company, said secularism in France is supposedly blind to religion and skin color, but workplace discrimination shows it is failing: "I recently hired a veiled graduate of a business school with a double diploma who burst into tears because she had been trying to get an internship for over a year," Anjembe described. [..]

[..] An


-year-old pupil yelled “Allahu Akbar” during a school tribute to French teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded by a jihadist, while his Islamist father threatened to burn down the school. [..]

22.10.21 (translation)
Great mess in the report on deaths: For the Iss (Istituto Superiore della Sanità) most of the (official Covid-)deaths have not been caused by Covid.

[..] According to the new report (which was not updated since July) of the Superior Institute of Health on mortality due to Covid, the virus that has brought the world to its knees would have killed far less than a common flu. It sounds like an outlandish and no vax statement, but according to the statistical sample of medical records collected by the institute only 2.9% of deaths recorded since the end of February 2020 would be due to Covid 19. So of the 130,468 deaths recorded by official statistics at the time of preparation of the new report only 3,783 would be due to the power of the virus itself. Because all the other Italians who lost their lives had from one to five diseases that, according to the Iss, left them little hope. As much as 67.7% would have had more than three diseases together, and 18% at least two together. Now I personally know a lot of people, but no one who has the misfortune to have five serious diseases at the same time. I would like to trust our scientists, but then I go to read the diseases listed that would be reason not secondary to the loss of so many Italians and I start to get some layman's doubts. According to the Italian National Institute of Health (Iss) some 65.8% of Italians who are no longer there after being infected by Covid were sick with hypertension, that is high blood pressure. 23.5% were also demented, 29.3% had diabetes and 24.8% had atrial fibrillation. And that's not all: 17.4% already had diseased lungs, 16.3% have had cancer in the last 5 years, 15.7% suffered from heart failure, 28% had ischemic heart disease, 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation, more than one in ten was also obese, more than one in ten has had a stroke, and still others, though a smaller percentage, had serious liver problems, dialysis and auto-immune diseases.
It will all be true, I do not doubt our scientists. But if it is not the virus to kill the Italians, then explain to me why science has imposed all that we have seen in this abundant 1,5 years? From masks, to spacing, to lockdown and so on? And how did we have almost 126,000 Italians reduced to that condition with 3, 4 or 5 serious illnesses, destined to pass away anyway in a short time even if the coronavirus never existed ?  [..] more

[..] quanto è emerso dall'analisi di un campione di 671 cartelle cliniche relative a decessi avvenuti dal 01/02/2021 fino al 05/10/2021. Nel periodo considerato sono


i decessi Sars-Cov-2 positivi. Tra questi sono 33.620 quelli in coloro che non avevano ancora ricevuto alcuna dose di vaccinazione e 1.440 i decessi Sars-Cov-2 positivi in vaccinati con ciclo vaccinale completo (37% di tutti i decessi Sars-Cv-2 positivi avvenuti nel periodo). [..]


2|88 | 37 | 8396


Now wait until the REAL virus,

the debt virus unleashes.








The “updated” definition would potentially mean only people who have had the third “booster” shot would be considered “fully vaccinated”, while people who have had the two original shots are no longer “fully vaccinated”.

























Vaccinated people seem to become the main spreader of the virus.

many of them even without knowing due to

the lack of symptoms after symptom-suppressing vaccination.

(resp. update)

 On top of all they are not being tested. How that.













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