Ivana Pedron's fashion, jewellery & bijouterie collection, evening gowns, wedding accessoires from own production with our three skilled tailors and staff, but also the great contribution of Ivana's family, especially of sister Dagmar.


 Items from Ivana's collection published in....

Ivana Pedron published in Bazaar

Ivana Pedron published in Elle

Ivana Pedron published in Juice

Ivana Pedron published in Style

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Lucie with Ivana's fashion

Dara with Ivana's fashion

Ivana's homepage

     Dara (Rolins) with Ivana's fashion

   (on the cover of her recent musicCD)


     Lucie (Bila) with

    Ivana's fashion


Ivana's wedding accessoires

 Tatana Kucharova

Miss World 2006

w.Ivana's bijouterie


 Tatiana Kucharova

with Ivana's bijouterie




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