Aesthetia plastic surgery, the most recent and maybe most important life project. Aesthetia was founded together with Issam Dr.Alawa (co-founder). In the year of foundation 1997 Dr.Issam Alawa was aesthetic surgeon. In the meantime Issam has become team-manager and experienced plastic surgeon. Our patients are operated by some of the finest specialists of this country together with Issam Dr Alawa, who -along with myself- manages our team of specialists, assists every operation and takes over the med-care in the framework of both our personal supervision of each single our international patient from arrival until to the departure back home. A service as it has to be in plastic surgery.

Articles about Aesthetia have appeared in several magazines including Vanity Fair, (Italy), People Magazine (Australia),  Sante Magazine (France), Vogue Travel (UK), Men's health (US) and more. TV-broadcasts have been seen on MTV and NBC.

Over the past 20 years, Dr.Alawa has operated along with and was educated by some of the leading names in plastic surgery in this country and and not only.

During the recent years we began to invest in our most reliable leading specialists in their/our own specialized private establishments, where we can assure to our patient the perfect comfort and care as of our leading quality philosophy.


"With Aesthetia was born the first international plastic surgery team in Europe,

and even one of the first worldwide.

We are even more proud to have been the first to understand the completely different needs of a travelling patient and therefore to be the inventors and the first organizors worldwide of an international full care plastic surgery, which assures our patient since from the beginning not only a safe plastic surgery with experienced, trained specialists, but also a competent preparation and a complete professional after care, which is at least the same important for the desirable outcome as the operation itself.

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