Foundation 1996 in Margreid, Bolzano, South Tyrol. It began with my ever existing admiration for art glass which became my hobby with glass paintings made at home in the living room. It ended with a specialized studio for modern designed flat glass for prestigious interiors, produced for private clients but also for architects, hotels, residences, public institutions, municipals. 

Just finished work in front of the studio

Over 10 years of activity nearly 1500 works have been produced and delivered across Europe, between Rome and Hamburg. The works have been designed by mine and produced by my staff in the own studio based in my parents farm house in Margreid, Italy.

In the course of the years we developed completely new technologies of the artistic and decorative flat glass refinement and glass composition achieving not only a better aesthetic and fineness in the creations, but also qualitatively stable, nearly indestructible works which could without any problem be installed in moving elements such as doors and windows. 

Right side team-chief GŁnther is holding one of the works after finishing (being handcrafted) in the studio in Margreid, Bolzano, Italy.

With my move to Prague, GŁnther my  former apprentice took over our glass production. Today GŁnther is presenting his works under Glaspunkt.

Ars Vetrum may eventually be revived, ...this time in Prague, by a close friend, who has a great passion for glass and colors. I will surely help him as far as possible.


Some examples of our works, produced with unique standards of esthetics, design and quality

Ars Vetrum door and divisor - design Herbert Pedron

Ars Vetrum window - design Herbert Pedron

Artistic work in wintergarten- design Herbert Pedron

Ars Vetrum door- design Herbert Pedron

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