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Translation of the resp.  PI-article of by Michael Stürzenberger from 22.07.12


The JUNGE FREIHEIT in its latest issue has published a detailed article (Part 1 & Part 2) on the Islam critical Conference of ICLA. For this report the author Hinrich Rohbohm made his special trip to Brussels, he was sitting in the conference with me, turned out to be well informed in our conversations, and also used one of my photos for his article in which he clearly points out the main matter: the threat to freedom of expression through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which was even recognized by the UN Human Rights Council in the infamous resolution 16/18, and the important requirement of the ICLA conference on the political leaders of all nations to distance themselves from supporters of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which is under Sharia reserve.


In regard to resolution 16/18 Rohbohm writes:

Will criticism of Islam soon be by law a criminal offense across the EU? This is at least the concern of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA): It refers to the by the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in March 2007 launched  and by the UN Human Rights Council adopted resolution 16/18, requiring the "fight of stigmatization and intolerance against religions" [*]. A resolution, that sounds good at first. But behind the veil of the benevolent-sounding verbiage could be hidden, especially one purpose: to prevent any criticism of Islam under the threat of criminal consequences. In other words, a rule which would come very close a Sharia state. ..►►



   [*]  Be aware that behind of such populist word gambling  stands nothing less than a recycling of middle age blasphemy laws pushed forward by some of the most unscrupulous regimes on this globe with the help of the most unscrupulous ideology in religion clothes which itself stigmatizes and orders [both the hypocrite and bloody!] intolerance against the so called 'infidels' throughout all their indigestible scriptures of their bloody childsex prophet.









 ..►► Through the backdoor the OIC is obviously trying to get any critical analysis of Islam punishable on international level. With the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, the Islamic world has also made clear that the Sharia stands over the UN Human Rights Declaration of 1948, as also explained in the JUNGE FREIHEIT:


Already in 1990, the OIC at its 19th Conference of Foreign Ministers called the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. And it specifically says that only the Shariah is set as the basis for interpretation of the statement. The Cairo Declaration shall apply to the 57 OIC member states as a guideline in the field of human rights. Remains the question how seriously the OIC member states then take the UN Human Rights Declaration of 1948? Since UN resolutions for states, however, hardly have more than the character of an appeal, the OIC will now step up. Their goal: an EU-wide legislation, under which could be prosecuted any islam critical media coverage and other Islam-critical studies. Supposedly the EU this summer has offered the OIC to serve as the host for the so called Istanbul process, which aims to promote these efforts. Back in December last year, the U.S. government under Barack Obama had agreed to act as host for an OIC conference. With this the organization received a significant upgrade with regard to the political legitimacy of its target.


This third station of the truly brazen "Istanbul"-process was well planned in Brussels, but did not take place until now. Whether it was cancelled or just postponed, is still unclear. Further developments to this impertinent attempt to limit freedom of expression, have to be kept under control. The JUNGE FREIHEIT continues:


A report of the International Islamic News Agency (Jina) shows that the OIC is definitely targeting European free speech. According to that report the managers in the Department for Cultural Affairs of the OIC argued that the host offers of the EU would would be considered as a "promising approach to solve the problem". Islam critics are alarmed, fearing that an OIC conference in Brussels could open the door into a new Europe-wide legislation for the criminalization of critics. Therefore in the past week has been formed the resistance to the efforts of OIC. As part of an event hosted by the ICLA international conference on freedom of speech and human rights in the European parliament in Brussels was adopted a Brussels Declaration as a counterpoint to the Istanbul process.


The eight demands of the Brussels Declaration can be found on this PI-Article of the 12th of July. Hinrich Rohbohm now describes the main protagonists of the ICLA conference:


The initiators are well-known critic of Islam such as the Belgian MEP Philip Claeys, who converted to Christianity's author Sabatina James, the French author Nidra Poller, the Canadian journalist Mark Sreyn and Bishop Samuel Pere of the Syrian Orthodox Church. The latter warned of the "intolerance of Islam" and before the fact that Muslims be allowed  to apply "taqiyya" if needed to hide their real goals

Nidra Poller said that in France are already looming some harbingers of war. "It is a war that does not look like a war and is therefore not perceived as a war on the ground, she said at the congress. Experts are aware of the development, however, in conversations with neighbors and friends,  she can observe a great ignorance about it.

The West was "pretty stupid" in the face of the OIC plans, says the French political scientist Alexandre del Valle, who explained how Islam functionariew in Europe, abuse of the accusation of fascism as a "powerful tool" to destroy the West. Europe's left would rejoice the Arab spring, although "it brings back the Sharia."


In the Brussels Declaration the Islam critics call for the political leaders of all nations to clearly distance themselves from invitations and events organized by supporters of the Cairo Declaration.


The JUNGE FREIHEIT contributes to this excellent article helps to break the media blockade on the anti-Islamic scene. Every serious journalists should immediately react onthis brazen attempt by the OIC to restrict free speech, just react. The complete silence on the other hand shows the cowardice of the mainstream media when facing the hot iron og Islam. Imagine the huge media outcry if something like this would have been attempted by the Catholic Church: For weeks the newspapers headlines would have been full and one TV talk show after another would  have outrageously dealt with. Obwiously with Islam different standards are being applied. The JUNGE FREIHEIT has to be lifted up for its advance as the only exception to this collective media failure.


  I just say you one thing:  As soon as the those home- and godless EU-apparatschiks up there feel safe enough, they will not hesitate even a fraction of a second to introduce the blasphemy laws and openly pack with the islampest.






has put artificial authorities between himself and the will of God. He pays to them a lot of money for they shall not serve him as a servant, but as a fake authority which provides him all the self deceptions and tells him all the lies and populisms out of the blue which he want to hear and get. Those fake authorities are  well paid in order to tell to their clients -the lethargic mass of people- about the peacefulness and the benefits of an inhuman ideology called Islam [even though that ideology is the greatest mankind's enemy, yet on top of it, not to be afforded] but also to provide a fast and unlimited prosperity, even if it is not based on sound principles with natural genuine market/growth, but on unprincipled [socialist] systemic nepotism ​​combined with counter-democratic debt driven centralization, financial dumping and poker cartel at the expense of our children. [06:11:11 Ogmios]













[OGMIOS 10.10.10]



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05.07.12 PI


"You will either be a muslim or secular" 




Erdogan the tyrant and his western accomplices

"Man ist entweder Moslem

oder sekulär"


Zitat PI  [..] Es existieren Videoaufzeichnungen von Erdogan, wie er sagt: „Man kann nicht gleichzeitig säkular sein und ein Moslem! Man ist entweder ein Moslem oder säkular! Wenn beide zusammen sind, dann erzeugen sie umgekehrten Magnetismus [d.h. sie stoßen sich gegenseitig ab]. Es ist unmöglich für die beiden, zusammen zu existieren! Daher ist es nicht möglich für eine Person, die sagt ‚Ich bin ein Moslem’, hinzugehen und zu sagen ‚Ich bin auch säkular’. Und warum ist das so? Weil Allah, der Schöpfer des Moslems, absolute Macht und Herrschaft besitzt!“ Er fuhr fort damit, zu sagen: „Wann [gehört die Souveränität dem Volk]? Es ist nur dann, wenn es zur Wahl geht [alle fünf Jahre], daß die Souveränität dem Volk gehört. Aber sowohl materiell als auch in der Essenz gehört die Souveränität vorbehaltslos und allezeit Allah!“ Dies mag für westliche Leser beliebig und irrelevant klingen, aber das ist es nicht. Das allumfassende theologische Streben von Islamisten ist die Implementierung der Souveränität Allahs auf der Erde, bekannt als Hakimiyyat Allah, unter Anwendung einer göttlich vorgeschriebenen Sammlung von Gesetzen, die Scharia genannt wird. Das Problem mit der Souveränität Allahs ist, daß sie nicht von gewöhnlichen Sterblichen abgesetzt werden kann, weil die Souveränität der Menschen natürlich gegenüber der Souveränität Allahs einen niederen Rang einnimmt. Dies bedeutet, daß die islamistische Doktrin ihnen nicht erlaubt, sich auf demokratische Weise von der Macht entfernen zu lassen, und dies macht ihre Ideologie inhärent tyrannisch.













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