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"China government has launched a crackdown targeting corona virus survivors as well as family members in China who have lost loved ones."



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China Communist Party Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-To-Human Transmission: German Intelligence
And how many lives did their delay cost?


Why was WHO against air travel restrictions at the beginning ? Explain that to me or to anyone, except to an idiot.

The whole thing gets more and more bad smell.







"European athletes already infected with COVID-19 in Wuhan in October 2019 - possible connection to the P4 laboratory in Wuhan"




US Commission: China's CP regime is a global role model in suppressing religious freedom


(translated) White House Trade Advisor: Chinese Communist Party Ruined US Economy in 60 Days






Trudeau -the corrupt soul with a fashion face- is going to bed with everyone. He is also that guy that reflects the superficiality of the society. 


Fears Swell as Beijing Signals It Could Send Security Agencies to Hong Kong
The Chinese regimes intelligence agencies could officially operate in Hong Kong under a planned new security laws that critics say could spell the end for the city's autonomy.

Chris Patten, Hong Kong's last British governor: Hong Kong ‘Betrayed’ by China


Hong Kong Erupts: Tear Gas Deployed As Thousands Fill Streets To Oppose China's National Security Law
"You pass the law, you start the war..."


Protest in Hong Kong: Up to three years in prison for "disregarding" the national anthem
Hong Kongers back on the streets - politicians from 23 countries criticize Beijing's "security law"
Heritage Foundation: China builds and bugs government offices in African nations
China intensifies pressure on Hong Kong - Amnesty International: Security law is "life-threatening"



Taiwan meldete vor China Corona-Pandemie, doch die WHO ignorierte Warnung
Taiwan hatte die WHO drei Wochen vor China vor einer Mensch-zu-Mensch-Übertragung des Corona-Virus gewarnt. Trotzdem weigert sich die WHO, Taiwan als Mitglied oder Beobachter aufzunehmen. [..]





US Secretary of State Pompeo: Hong Kong is no longer autonomous

Hong Kong is morally no longer bound to that Land that breaks the contracts. Hong Kong will now be suppressed by those corrupt elites, but the heaven is 

with the freedom loving people of Hong Kong.







Officially dissolved - but China's 610 Office continues to persecute people




07.06.20 [..] Ein interner Untersuchungsbericht aus China widerlegt die offiziellen Berichte über den Huanan-Markt in Wuhan, welcher als Ausgangspunkt von COVID-19 betrachtet wird.  [..] Während einige der ersten Infektionsfälle mit dem Markt in Verbindung gebracht werden, hat der erste dokumentierte Patient keine Verbindung dazu. [..]
So, a communist lie.



KP China while pointing on Western racial protests declares: "Every life counts"  On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes clear that human life is irrelevant to the communist regime in China.[..] .. not only dark-skinned people are being discriminated in communist China, but also Muslims, Christians, Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners - to name just a few. [..] Republican Congressman Chris Smith described China's actions in "modern concentration camps" in Xinjiang as "bold oppression," which includes "mass internment of millions to an extent that has not been seen since the Holocaust." [..] Falun Gong practitioners have been systematically persecuted, tortured and murdered for 21 years. In addition, these people are robbed of their organs - in large numbers. [..] To date, it has been proven that 4,476 Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered by CP authorities in China. The undisclosed figure is estimated many times higher by human rights groups and other observers. [..] The Chinese Communist Party oppresses and persecutes not only black people or those who practice a religion, but also regime critics and whistleblowers. [..] Officially it was dissolved, but it still exists in secret: the 610 Office is hardly known abroad, but it even harasses high government offices in China. It is often compared to Hitler's Gestapo. [..]
The coronavirus crisis has exposed China's long history of racism
[..] Clean up the foreign trash!”. “Don’t turn our hometown into an international rubbish dump.” “This is China, not Nigeria!” [..] these are just a few examples of countless anti-African rants from Weibo users in China in a surge of popular racism over the past month. Despite the huge amount of censorship on China’s social media, none of these posts have been removed. Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have become the primary target of suspicion, racial discrimination and abuse amid public fear of a second wave of Covid-19. And this intolerance has peaked in Guangzhou, a city of 12 million people in the highly industrialised Guangdong province. [..]



China's CP wants to replace Hong Kong - (unfree) free trade center on Hainan Island planned



Great Britain is pushing Beijing to “withdraw from the abyss” - the regime is tightening its grip on Hong Kong

[..] The Beijing regime is stepping up efforts to influence Chinese communities and overseas political systems worldwide. Democratic countries should tackle such campaigns with firm responses, a new report from Australia said.
The United Front Work Department, a unit of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), coordinates thousands of groups to conduct overseas political influence operations. Their goal is to suppress dissident movements, gather information and facilitate technology transfer to China, according to a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think tank in June.

United Front is the advanced control of the CPC: The unit's political influence initiatives target foreign elites, including politicians and business leaders, and are often covert, the report says. Chinese overseas communities are also important targets, with the party trying to seize and control community groups, business associations, and Chinese-language media.  [..]

Mindestens 18 Tote und fast 200 Verletzte bei Lkw-Unglück in China
[..] Bei einem verheerenden Lkw-Unglück in China sind mindestens 18 Menschen getötet worden. Fast 200 weitere Menschen seien bei der Explosion eines Tanklasters auf einer Autobahn in der Provinz Zhejiang * verletzt worden, teilte die Regionalregierung mit.
Das Unglück ereignete sich am Samstag nahe der Millionenstadt Wenling * in der östlichen Provinz Zhejiang. Auf einer Autobahn explodierte ein mit Flüssiggas beladener Tanklaster. Fast 200 Personen sind verletzt, es gab 18 Tote.
Nach Angaben der Katastrophenschutzbehörde wurden am Sonntagmorgen (Ortszeit) noch 189 Verletzte im Krankenhaus behandelt. [..]

Wuhan - Canada 
Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan. [..] The intelligence remains secret. But what we know is that before she was removed, she sent one of the deadliest viruses on Earth, and multiple varieties of it to maximize the genetic diversity and maximize what experimenters in China could do with it, to a laboratory in China that does dangerous gain of function experiments. And that has links to the Chinese military."  [..]  A Chinese scientist who was escorted out of Canada's only level-4 biolab over a possible "policy breach" shipped dealdy Ebola and Henipah viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, according to the CBC.. [..]

Britain plans to ban Huawei - China threatens reprisals

G-7 Nations "Strongly Urge" China To Reconsider Hong Kong Security Law
[..] "...we are also extremely concerned that this action would curtail and threaten the fundamental rights and freedoms of all the population..." [..]



Medical personnel sent to Beijing from all over China - outbreak much worse than admitted
[..] The renewed outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing is worse than the authorities officially state. Medical personnel were sent to the capital from all over China. [..]


China's CP with a new program: genetic control over the people
[..] China's Communist Party has launched a new program and is collecting men's gene samples across the country as part of this program [..]




US-senate votes pro sanctions against China due Hong Kong crack down


China's 37-fold lie: American think tank takes a new look at virus numbers

Taiwan: Eighth Airspace Violation by China in Two Weeks

A harbinger of disaster? - Weird fish jumping in four provinces of China

Wuhan: Arrest Warrant Issued Against Citizen Journalist - Because of Troublemaking
[..] Even many months after the first virus outbreak in Wuhan, the authorities do not allow any unofficial information.
She is the fourth reporter arrested for telling the truth about the Wuhan virus situation.
Zhang Zhan worked as a human rights lawyer in Shanghai. After the CCP virus broke out, she traveled to Wuhan. She wanted to help report the truth about the local situation on social media.
The arrest warrant against the citizen reporter was authorized at the weekend. The authorities cited troublemaking as a reason for detention.
She was arrested on May 14th. But only now has an official arrest warrant been issued. Before her arrest, plainclothes officers followed her daily and listened to her phone. Her lawyer's license has now been revoked. [..]


83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal


"Please help us!" - Hong Kong's democracy teenagers accuse police of rape



Beaten to death: 89-year-old dies in expropriation in China - The body is quickly cremated
[..] Local CCP officials visited an old lady who refused to agree to the demolition of her home. However, the authorities in China are not squeamish about expropriation.
An almost ninety-year-old woman in China was beaten to death when local CCP officials tried to demolish her home. Former expropriation is common in China - anyone who resists or protests is harassed, beaten, or killed, as in this case. [..]


Chinas Corona-Tracking-App: Interne Dokumente belegen Kontrolle und Überwachung



CBP Intercepts 13 Tons Of Human Hair From Chinese Prison Camps

End of freedom of expression: Hong Kong's education authority censors teaching materials in schools


10.07.20 Hong Kong.


Apparently, the US is considering an entry ban for all members of the CCP.


(translated:) China: "It is better to die standing than to kneel down" - Democratic official faces life imprisonment

The Chinese police forced a democracy activist and scientific officer to go to a psychiatric facility, even though there was no evidence of mental illness. She now faces life imprisonment for handing out leaflets.

Feng Xiaoyan is a scientist in east China's Shandong Province.

She is an advocate of democracy, openly supports Hong Kong's pro-democratic protests, and criticizes how the Chinese authorities deal with the outbreak of the CCP virus.

In April of this year, she distributed leaflets for democracy and reform in one of Beijing's most famous shopping streets and called for a new tour for China.

The Beijing police arrested her immediately and took her back to Shandong. The local police there forced her to a psychiatric clinic. Her daughter announced in a written statement (quote):
They hit my mother in the face, undressed her and dragged her - who has a herniated disc - across the floor. "

According to the authorities, Feng has a mental illness. She is forced to take pills every day that make her tremble. According to the daughter, Ms. Feng previously had no signs of mental illness.

"Repent, be silent and you are free"
The daughter said her mother would be free and would stop taking the forced medication if she said to stop criticizing the CCP. But Ms. Feng refuses and does not want to remain silent. The scientist and democracy advocate told her daughter: "I would rather die standing than kneeling."

Feng also told her daughter that the authorities are threatening her with life imprisonment.

Psychiatry denied her stay:
Her daughter, a 20-year-old student, contacted the psychiatric clinic and asked for her mother's release. The staff initially denied knowing Feng. An employee of the No. 4 People's Hospital in Linyi, Shandong Province asked:
"Are you sure she's in our hospital now? Any prove? "

After the daughter said she saw her mother at the clinic and wanted to take her home, the staff replied:

"How can she go if she hasn't recovered from her mental illness? "

Feng's daughter is threatened for her efforts to save her mother. Local government officials also threatened to send her to a psychiatric hospital if she continued to speak.


Angels under communism.



KP corruption: Investigation against director of financial supervision - 50 million euros hidden at home
Tip of the iceberg



The kind of (accommodating) engagement that we have been pursuing has not brought the kind of change inside of China Nixon had hoped to induce. The truth is that our policies and those of other free Nations resurrect to Chinas failing economy only to see Bejiing bite the international hands that were feeding it. (Mike Pompeo Speech on 23.07.20 at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in company of Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng )

Die Wahrheit ist, dass unsere Politik – und die Politik anderer freier Nationen – Chinas versagende Wirtschaft wiederbelebt hat. Und das nur um festzustellen, wie Peking die internationalen Hände beißt, von denen es gefüttert wird. (Mike Pompeo Ansprache am 23.07.20 in der Richard Nixon Presidential Library)

Strange incident in Wuhan: Critical nurse (and mother of a 2-years old) falls from 13th floor of Corona-Hospital.


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Xi&Co: Take your hands off Hong Hong.




Trump Admin Designates Confucius Institute As Communist China Foreign Mission










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What about to change direction ?




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30.12.20 (translated)
"A shameful festival": China's agitation and propaganda against Christmas.
[..] Even students are incited to protest against Christmas. In this political climate, a student threatened a staff member at Harbin Polytechnic University in northeastern China with criminal charges because she had brought chocolate as a thank-you gift to students for the Thanksgiving holiday in late November. The background to this trifle is as follows: Thanksgiving is a Western festival. And the university management thought the student's behavior was right because it is strictly forbidden to introduce religious activities in the university. Thanksgiving is religious?! Really absurd! But this is the political climate in China today. [..]

13.01.21 (translated)
China equips soldiers' helmets with self-destruct button
The Chinese military is equipping soldiers stationed in Tibet with newly developed helmets that incorporate a self-destruct button....

The button triggers an embedded bomb that kills the soldier. [..]


Video: 83 Global Brands Tied to Forced Labor in China—Benedict Rogers

Over 15,000 Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted by Chinese Regime in 2020: Report

China Forcibly Collects Blood From Falun Gong Practitioners, Raising Concerns About Organ Harvesting


Chinese Province of 38 Million Tells Residents to Isolate at Home as Virus Outbreak Worsens

2 ‘Sudden Collapses’ in China Suspected to Be COVID-19 Deaths

Grace period over



Shanghai Announces New CCP Virus Outbreak, Including Hospital Workers

Beijing Building Military Drones to Rival US in War, Leaked File Shows



China Tells Taiwan "Independence Means War" As Rival Wargames Ongoing
teaser image

Armed and ready to go, Taiwan air force jets screamed into the sky on Tuesday in a drill to simulate a war scenario... "We are ready."


Diseases Plague China's Pig Herd In Dark Winter


During Pandemic, China Sent Millions of Counterfeit Masks, Test Kits to US: Customs Data



KP China without pardon: In the quarantine town of Tongue, people are forced eating pets out of hunger

11.02.21 (translated)
[..] Because of the CPC-Propaganda, a person who tests positive is insulted, shunned, isolated and receives no support. There are entire regions that are quarantined and sealed off as soon as even one resident is considered "infected" - regardless of whether he or she has symptoms or not. Tragedies have been commonplace in China since the Corona pandemic. Even before that, the regime had come under criticism for its human rights abuses. With the pandemic, the way in which the population is being targeted has reached a new level.[..]


25.02.21 (translated)
Pompeo: China's reckless labs put the world at risk
[..] Beijing does not want the world to know the true origin of the coronavirus and its serious biosecurity failures, Mike Pompeo and Miles Yu write in a commentary for the "WSJ." They say the CCP urgently needs to change course. "The Chinese Communist Party is obsessed with viruses," write former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his adviser Miles Yu in a commentary for the "Wall Street Journal." What prompted them to make this statement is apparently a claim by Chinese scientists that they have discovered nearly 2,000 new viruses in about a decade. It would take the rest of the world 200 years. [..]

16.03.21 (translated)

Vaccinated with Sinopharm in March 2020 - when did the Chinese leadership know about the virus?
23.03.21 (translated)
[..] Hundreds of thousands of people are under forced labor there (In China), they are monitored by the police state, they are forbidden to speak the Uyghur language, mosques and cemeteries are destroyed. Outside of North Korea, there is no more brutal regime than what Beijing has established there," Bütikofer said. [..]


China's Digital Yuan Comes With An Expiration Date.
Slaves do not need to make savings.



Reporters Without Borders: China's state propaganda has reached 'unprecedented levels'
[..] The Chinese Communist Party is pushing censorship, surveillance and propaganda on the Internet to unprecedented levels. That's according to Reporters Without Borders in its latest report. A virus of disinformation is spreading in Asia, they say, and China is chiefly to blame. That's according to the annual report published Tuesday by Reporters Without Borders, or RSF. The report is about the state of press freedom around the world.  [..]








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Beijing-critical "Apple Daily is dead" - rush for last issue in Hong Kong
[..]  Dark times are dawning for "Hong Kong," says one student. Within two weeks, the authorities dissolved the "Apple Daily" - support for democracy is no longer allowed. [..]







100 years of big lie

1916   7   22|66




[..] As China’s new energy vehicle production grows rapidly, with half of global production now coming from China, the huge amount of retired batteries could bring “disastrous” environmental problems and “explosive pollution,” says state-owned media Xinhua. [..]

13.07.21 (translated)

China: Biological experiments that cross ethical boundaries,
[..] Embryo chimeras made from humans and monkeys? Preparing male rats so that they can give birth to offspring? - The lack of morality of the Chinese Communist Party seems to be reflected in science as well. [..]
The faces of socialism.

I wonder if the so called "civilized" world is still going to do Olympia in Beijing with the communists party of China.




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Wuhan May 2021

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Hands off Taiwan



07.08.21 (news from 20.07.21)
'Enough is enough': China 'named and shamed' by 30 nations over cyber attacks


Chinese Regime Has Stolen Enough Data To Compile "Dossier" On All Americans: Former Official [..] For years, the CCP has engaged in campaigns to steal U.S. intellectual property and technology secrets in a bid to militarily and geopolitically gain an advantage over the West. The regime has also carried out significant hacks against private entities, including last month’s alleged cyberattack against Microsoft—which the United States and its allies blamed on the Chinese Ministry of State Security. In addition, four Chinese nationals were charged by the Department of Justice over a number of separate cyber intrusions that targeted corporate and research secrets. During the hearing, the former director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, said that the CCP is using a “whole of country approach” to “leverage, infiltrate, influence, and steal from every corner of U.S. success.” “It is estimated that 80 percent of American adults have had all of their personal data stolen by the CCP, and the other 20 percent most of their personal data,” he said. Furthermore, he said that the Chinese regime poses an “existential threat” to the United States and is employing “complex, pernicious, strategic, and aggressive” tactics to accomplish its goals. [..]





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US-Anwalt: „China ist ein riesiges schwarzes Gefängnis“
[..] In den frühen 2000er Jahren gab es eine gewisse Hoffnung, dass China sich der Idee eines regelbasierten Systems annähern würde. Rothman teilte diese Hoffnung damals nicht und war überrascht, dass die Welthandelsorganisation 2001 China die Mitgliedschaft gewährte, wobei es praktisch keine Zugeständnisse machen musste. „Es war einfach ein Geschenk der US-Regierung, man könnte sagen, ein sehr schlechtes Geschenk.“ [..]
Wer die roten Seiten liest weiss: Was geschenkt ist, hat keinen Wert.





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