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Principles of disbalance

Exposing anti-forces

Tell children truth



Civilization VX Sharia




Women in Islam


Freedom of Religion




The bloody Führer

The moongod Allah

Allah loves mutilated vagina

The islamic headquarters

'freedom' for head scarf


Climate change

The West is guilty













To be unmistakable: You have to rethink life. You have to change your mindset, to open your mind to the new reality. In order to have the real connection to God you have to be a free individual, a free human. It is time to put an end to the systemic trickery and slavery. It is time for freedom.


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The guests that checked-in the day prior (03.09.23)

asked for the situation with the bears in our region.







(first seen on 07.09.23)


What is science ?


THIS is science.






Plunging into LOW IQ-CHAOS

Ever more complex technology with a more and more stupid population. Guess the outcome for this planet. Why goes there the saying that blond ladies (likely considered as the sexually most attractive one) being stupid but good in sex. Secretly we all know what kills intelligence  by throwing the scale out of balance. There is the root, there it begins. The rest is a social chain reaction that must be halted.

Of course everyone is convinced to be intelligent, but how can an intelligent person in an extremist fashion fight so called cultural appropriation at the same time tear down all borders: = two extremist acts in total contradiction = sign of instability but certainly not of intelligence. How can one claim to help children in their natural struggle of building up identity and inner balance by actively motivating them to irreversible  sex change surgery without telling them about the implications for their life, while in most cases there are natural or non-natural psychological factors behind, usually of temporary nature.

In reality statistics show that in individuals who struggle with their sexual identification  the suicide rate does not fall after sex change surgery, or even in contrary. (One thing for sure:  in any case start watching porn with an average age of 7 will not be helpful)  What about to tell them they're not only flesh but have a spirit and a soul. Or let us put it this way: Why to continue to push the administration of the wrong medicine, if not for sinister political reasons or unholy private motivations.

There are hundreds of such imbalanced extremist contradictions recently going on especially in the Western hemisphere, (in contrast to the Islamic hemisphere or China where the problems are culturally and systemically conditioned). How intelligent is that.  Now reflect. Should technology rule the world, ideology, or true humanx intelligence.

last updated 20.09.23







Free Speech is not violence.  The concerted spread of narratives and demonization of the critical minds, ideological modification/regulation of speech and respective censorship is violence. It is violence on the free mind.



Bill Gates' Covid warning: 'He is NOT a qualified person' says Dr Clare Craig
Bill Gates is an absolute unscrupulous business gangster. That is what he is. He and unfortunately much too many of the current elites of this world.

The WHO drives it a bit farther by giving it the name 'disease X'. I will tell you what the disease X is, it is them themselves, just waiting for it to happen in order to impose their totalitarian rules and globalist agenda.


Listen carefully, word for word,

and ask yourself if this is really the future,

the genetical and technical wonderland you dreamed of.



Bill Gates Makes mRNA Announcement

Bill Gates Investing $40 Million for mRNA Vaccine Development in Africa

[..] The foundation argues that mRNA vaccines have “simpler research and manufacturing processes” compared to traditional vaccines. As such, expanding the technology to countries like South Africa and Senegal can lead to the development of low-cost mRNA vaccines for diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. The Gates foundation’s new investment comes as mRNA technology has sparked numerous safety concerns. During a testimony at the European Parliament last month, cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough said that everything he has learned about mRNA vaccines has been “horrifying.” [..]

Doctor Issue Important Warning About mRNA Vaccines

‘We Can't Force the Human Body to Accept Foreign Genetic Code': Dr. McCullough on mRNA Technology
The doctor called mRNA vaccines a ‘failed concept’ and something that the government and military have been testing for quite a long time.

If they go ahead with this mRNA mankind will learn to feel the pain of the thorns.



‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID-19 Vaccines, Scientists Estimate




'The old white man'
When they mock the old white man, here a frank word: Better old, rich, sober and intelligent than young, poor, woke and illiterate.


03.10.23 *  



In der politischen Terminologie haben Wörter wie Gleichheit und Solidarität nichts verloren.



06.10.23- 08.10.23

"Life is tough. Get a helmet"  →  "your feelings are not my responsibility- you can not assign me to the task of making you feel good about yourself"
→  "first of all about schools"


→  The dangerous effects of the preaching of victimhood.




Recapitulating the spirit of Mr.Advantage, or:
How fascism, totalitarianism, and wars come over you.
1. make a debt economy
2. add limitless money printing
3. allow/legalize all sorts of leveraged speculation
1.+2.+3. = the program of excesses.
After a while, in order to keep the excesses running you have to
4. manipulate the markets so that through the excesses created superbubbles can not burst anymore.
5. manipulate the economies via agendas such as ESG and subsidize inefficient businesses because one falling stone could bring to fall the whole construction of manipulation. Resulting in elimination of competition at the expense of the smaller businesses, resulting in monopolization processes, cartel-like structures, large scale distortions of the once free healthy market. What fair trade is that.
6. The muzzle. Censorship, Denunziantentum, restrictions, disenfrancising and surveillance, and an elite of plunderer with false halo.
That means we are today in a system of advantage takers on one hand and the tricked one on the other hand. Though no swindle goes for ever without respective consequences.

The rest is slowly but steadily unfolding in front of your eyes.


No media, no politician is talking about this. Because they're all stuck in this lie. Blind shepherds with blind herds. They only talk about the consequences after they become visible, without ever going down to the roots.   



"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials."   SENECA



Satanic Church founders lasts words



Women/men unjust salaries ?

Btw. Do you know that taller than average people statistically have better career chances than those under average hight. What do you want to do with that. Cut them the heads ? Introduce compulsory contingents ?

Stop the victim game based on natural differences (until you're not handicapped. However if you're talking about women sport it has to be reserved to women, and men's sport to men. Otherwise you have to change the definition of the sports categories, introduce mixed for your alleged 'inclusivity'. I am sure they're not interested in that but will go on with their destructive politics, although we all know it does not make any sense for a horse participate in a goats race competition, or else *..).

In reality today we're all together victims of one thing: The currently ruling class with their false games. Too many among us think they can profit from this situation, but they are utterly wrong with their short-term thinking.

Indeed, there should never be such thing than a ruling class. There has to be the ruling people and its representatives. The representatives have the duty to serve the people and keep them free, rather than the might to rule and trick them.

updated 31.10.23



Philipp Kruse: "Der WHO ist die Gesundheit der Menschen völlig egal" und "sie beansprucht Unfehlbarkeit."

Ihr habt die Glocken noch immer nicht gehört. Ihr werdet zusammen mit dem Rechtsstaat buchstäblich wegverkauft.



Would you rather be in a crazy place like Las Vegas?
I hope this is not the most in depth question you pose about yourself in your life. If yes then I pity for you and do not wonder why superficial rootless societies always fail.


Debunked for uncountable times:  'The difference between “conspiracy theory” and “this is your life now, stupid” is six months to a year.'


"We want to look at religions with respect and dignity, whether it's Islam or Hinduism, we look at those with respect and dignity."
The truth isn't a religion. Religion is religion. The truth is the truth.

We at the tip of the arrow look with respect and dignity at all honest, hard working and sexually sober people in freedom and fairness, especially when independent and free from ideology, systemic and monetary trickery. These are climbing the mountain because this is how respect is being earned. Naked facts without squiggles and fairy tales. You may need a hold in this. The Holy Spirit is just waiting for you getting started.

Those who are still calling for Jesus return, I say to them, help to bring forward the Truth, as this is exactly Jesus' own will and Jesus must return inside of you, not outside, in order to avoid the worst. So, if you truly want to do something for Jesus, choose Freedom and its Challenges.



Update 12.11.23

"Der Dritte Weltkrieg wäre der perfekte Nährboden für die CBDCs" E.Wolff
"World War III would be the perfect breeding ground for CBDCs" - Ernst Wolff


Everyone just wants to hear that they are on the right side.
But the only one who is on the right side is the Trinity. And the truth. And as long as man does not confess this in word and deed, he can never be on the right side too.

Jeder will nur hören dass er auf der richtigen Seite steht.

Aber der einzige der auf der richtigen Seite steht ist die Dreifaltigkeit. Und die Wahrheit. Und solange der Mensch sich nicht mit Wort und Tat dazu bekennt kann er nicht ebenso auf der rechten Seite stehen.


1st. If Jesus in Matthew 4:6-7 is quoted by saying 'Thou shelt not tempt the Lord by God', that is not the same as saying 'Thou shelt not tempt God'.
Jesus as hypothetical father of all universes and layers above (
*) would have to incarnate within his own creations for endless times -eventually being crucified repeatedly- in order to save all fallen civilizations of his endless reign. That would be a hard time for Jesus indeed.

2nd.  Jesus Christ is OUR God and OUR Target, and the Father has come to mankind through Him, His Son. One can not be the Son of God and then God himself at the same time, unless you accept the valid notion of the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and we are One in our Word and Spirit.

Women include Virgin Mary in their prayer.
It is time to stop creating more confusion in this, which isn't even in Jesus Christs' own sense. We are telling the Truth, only the Truth.

(*) Darius isn't correct in all details, so take it with a grain of salt,

though the technical framework fits to the extent that it can be put into word.




Jesus coming VX return  °

Apart of that: Praise The Lord!



This moment can be here much faster than you think.




God speaks to you in one gentle way and if you don't understand that language he will change the language until he meets your understanding.





In biblical terms you should know who is behind the money leveraging, hot printing machinery, unlimited indebtedness. We gave him a refined name which fits to the new millennium and call it the spirit of Mr.Advantage. There is it where all trickery and swindle begins.



"Menschen die wenig wissen, wollen immer mehr verändern" | Psychiater DDr. Raphael Bonelli
und sie wollen draussen verändern anstatt drinnen, anstatt sich selbst zu verändern, wo es notwendig wäre und was sie geflissentlich ignorieren.


03.12.23 *  The black hole on top

Here happens the fusion

of the communist spirit and fascist spirit in its perfection.




Agenda-pushing and virtual signaling big businessman who are blackmailing with money. E.Musk is perfectly right in this.
A business man is neither a politician nor a bishop.
If they start to play those roles they do it for what.
Sie benötigen das Klimanarrativ und andere Agenden um die in diesem sozialistischen Geldsystem eingebaute Verarmung, Entrechtung und notwendige Enteignung der breiten Masse politisch durchzuziehen. Wie sollen sie denn sonst den einfachen Mann und den Mittelstand davon überzeugen.














DeXter [9]


Who we are

Principles of balance

Warning & chance!



When is religion religion

The Church

The angels language


Healing & health

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Sense of life

The non-created One





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